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Vote nearly closing!

Sep 21, 2017PN Updates

To all PN bulk and coal members,

Don’t delay – the deadline for voting in the PN Protected Action Ballot is rapidly approaching! We need at least 50% of members to vote and vote yes to all options to secure a win in this ballot!

The ballot will close at 10:00am AEST on Friday the 28th September 2017. To make sure your vote arrives in time, it needs to be in the post by this Friday, the 22nd of September.

After Friday, you will need to post it via Express Post.

Vote YES to keep all action options on the table

A YES vote will ensure all actions are on the table for you and your colleagues.

We’re fighting for:

• Proper consultation
• Limits on casualisation and labour hire
• No reduction in conditions
• Maintaining Shift Penalties (APM)
• An Independent Umpire that can arbitrate a dispute • Accommodation standards for barracks
• A fair and reasonable wage increase


If you have any questions about the ballot process or the vote please contact your Loco Division delegate or RTBU head office.


In Solidarity, Your RTBU team.

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