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Update on Travelodge refurbishments and floor allocation

May 17, 2017News

Members will be aware of the ongoing issues with the Sydney Travelodge and its continued refurbishment process that has seen crew shuffled around different rooms and floors.

One change was the removal of the crew recreation room on level two, which Travelodge management turned into additional sleeping rooms. Previously, crew were allocated the whole of level two and arrangements were put in place to ensure that level met the required standards for rest locations. However, with the taking over of the recreation room as additional rooms there was no longer a guarantee that level two would remain solely for train crew use.

As the refurbishments are now nearing completion, NSW Trains Regional Crew will now be allocated the entire 15th floor. There will be six rooms dedicated for day sleepers located on the north western side of the motel, which has less exposure to the daytime street noise. Night sleepers will be situated on the Wentworth St side.

The RTBU recently conducted an inspection of these facilities with the result being that the previous standard was maintained on level 15. However, the issue of the recreation room and the allocation of cooking facilities remains ongoing.

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