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Update: transfer dispute escalated

Apr 20, 2011Uncategorized

RTBU members recently met with RailCorp to resolve a dispute over its recent decision to recruit and appoint graduating Trainee Drivers to Mortdale, Flemington and Hornsby Depots.

As reported previously in Loco Express, the RTBU believes this decision is a breach of the long established Transfer & Roster Placement Policy [and therefore the EA], which allows drivers to transfer under the seniority system to the depot of their choice.

By bypassing this policy, RailCorp have disadvantaged many members and the RTBU have lodged a Notice of Dispute to resolve the issue.

Unfortunately, the meeting with RailCorp failed to provide an adequate solution to the problem so the RTBU will now be escalating the dispute to the next level.

Members will be kept informed of the outcome of this dispute.

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