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Update: Pacific National Bulk and Coal Negotiations

Dec 8, 2017Update

Members are advised that the RTBU and the Pacific National attended conciliation in the Fair Work Commission (FWC) on Monday, following almost 10 months of negotiations and a further 4 weeks of intensive negotiations in an attempt to resolve any and all outstanding issues concerning the Bulk and Coal Enterprise Agreements.

This conciliation was scheduled as a ‘report back’ to the FWC, which was a consequence of the RTBU having lodged a good faith bargaining application against Pacific National following the decision to revert back to negotiating two Enterprise Agreements (rather than a single Agreement).

After the final four weeks of negotiations, the parties managed to resolve almost all of the outstanding issues, with the exception of scope (one Agreement versus two Agreements), provisions pertaining to labour hire and agency personnel, wage outcome and term. These major outstanding items were the subject of discussion at the FWC on Monday 04 December 2017, but unfortunately the parties were once again unable able to reach common ground on most of these matters.

Subsequently, the parties agreed to meet once more after conciliation at the FWC in a final attempt to reach a negotiated outcome. It was at this meeting after robust debate that a final offer (as outlined below) was made by Pacific National. This is in addition to your RTBU negotiating team having been able to protect, and in some instances improve, all current Bulk and Coal Conditions.

Please read the full bulletin for more details about the final offer here. 


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