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Update 5: Update: Asbestos in C and K Sets

Jul 16, 2017News

The Sydney Trains WHS Divisional Committee has advised the Locomotive Division that the following C and K sets have been tested and verified safe to re-enter service by an external independent Hygienist.


These sets have undergone additional testing at the request of HSRs. This testing was performed by external independent Hygienist WSP with a process and methodology verified by SafeWork NSW.

HSRs have scrutinised the results and reports for each individual unit and are satisfied that the above sets are safe. Sydney Trains will continue to have each unit tested in this manner prior to them re-entering service.

Your Union will continue to work with HSRs and advise Members which sets have been through the agreed process to ensure Member safety.

If you have any concerns please contact your local HSR or the Locomotive Division.

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3 Comments to “Update 5: Update: Asbestos in C and K Sets”

  • Why isn’t the asbestos being removed completely?

  • Sydney trains has listed more sets that have been supposedly cleared to return to service. Is there a more recent update on sets from the union or should we go on what Sydney trains posts?

  • Are former crews still covered under the old asbestos register set up in the 90’s?

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