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Union slams metro rail construction on Bankstown line

Mar 1, 2017News

The Rail Tram and Bus Union NSW have slammed the construction on the Bankstown rail line caused by metro rail, calling it unnecessary and disruptive. Read the media release here.


One Comment to “Union slams metro rail construction on Bankstown line”

  • Firstly on this issue, well said, Alex Claassens, State Secretary RTBU.

    Being one of the many commuters affected by this planned, entirely unnecessary closure of our public transport system for downgrade to the Sydney Metro Rail System, I recently had the following published in the “Letters To The Editor” section of two local newspapers, Bankstown Express and Torch newspaper.

    In the Bankstown Express newspaper on Tuesday 14 March 2017 the following went to press on page 18 by myself.

    Commuters On Track For Worse Conditions

    Regarding the imminent, entirely unnecessary three to six-month closure of the Bankstown Railway Line for downgrade to the Sydney Metro, the travelling public will lose their direct link to the City Circle, see this part of the passenger rail system fall into private hands, pay higher fares, revert back to single deck trains in lieu of the current double deck ones for their commute.

    Just imagine changing trains at Sydenham after alighting from a terminating service to board an absolutely packed city bound train in the height of the morning weekday peak hour that originated from either Cronulla or Waterfall.

    Just what happens on the planned driverless trains should some irregularity happen?

    There’s also too a Youtube clip titled, “Sydney Metro – Bankstown Line Upgrade” where the State Government’s smooth PR people come out with a lot of propaganda on this needless project. There’s no members of staff to be seen anywhere in that clip.

    A message to the State Government, just leave a good passenger rail service alone and to hell with the Sydney Metro.

    Why not just improve the current outdated infrastructure such as lengthening all platforms to accommodate16 carriage trains instead of the current eight.

    Intercity ran 10 carriage trains in the past.

    Whilst in the Torch newspaper in their edition the following day Wednesday 15 March 2017 on page 8 all above content was published except the final paragraph but under a different heading ‘Commute Armageddon On Way’.

    Thanks to Torch and Bankstown Express newspapers for putting to print my views.

    Stephen ‘Devo’ Maher

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