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Unconscionable: 12 more redundancies at PN Coal

Jan 18, 2017News

Pacific National management last week returned from their summer vacation with what would seem to be an increased vigor to continue attacking their workforce.

They called aside 12 hardworking Port Waratah employees who were told they were being made redundant but could come back as casuals straight away – without any guarantee about how many hours they would get. Read the Newsflash here.


One Comment to “Unconscionable: 12 more redundancies at PN Coal”

  • It is a worrying time where we have a Government led policy of Casualising the workforce in Australia. PN are following like sheep in this endeavour. It will eventually kill the economy and put the country in a very vulnerable position in the future.

    With no real Rail leadership in PN they are setting themselves for failure.

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