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Tim Crakanthorp delivers bitter lesson to NSW Parliament

Nov 29, 2017Update

Member for Hunter, Tim Crakanthorp delivered this shameless State Government a bitter lesson in morality in Parliament recently for their decision to build the New InterCity Fleet in South Korea.

Our State manufacturing industry has a proud history in providing this State with high grade, high standard, quality goods and services. It also provides and guarantees a multitude of apprentices a brighter more stable future.    

This Minister claims to have saved the taxpayer 25 percent by building this Train overseas.

What this narrow minded and short sighted Minister actually failed to take into account is that every individual, every facet involved in the manufacture of Transport hardware in this country pays taxes that are funnelled back into economy.

This Train could have been proudly stamped ‘Made in Australia’

Instead this Minister fare-welled our taxpaying dollars away from the ports, docks, factories and warehouses where our workers build the Transport that moves the nation. 

Does this Minister have no sense shame? Check out the video here. 

Train Petition

LIKE AND SHARE IF YOU SUPPORT BUILDING 🚆🚆🚆 IN NSW!Sending a $2.3 billion train contract and thousands of jobs offshore to South Korea – just doesn't make sense! Today in the Parliament of NSW Trish Doyle MP, Yasmin Catley MP and I called out the Minister for Transport for this disgraceful decision. We have the skills and expertise to build these trains in Newcastle and the Hunter.

Posted by Tim Crakanthorp MP on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

One Comment to “Tim Crakanthorp delivers bitter lesson to NSW Parliament”

  • After watching this video through to the end I guess we should be pleasantly surprised that at least 2 liberals thought that prioritising jobs in NSW is important. Pity the premier and the transport minister didn’t think so.

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