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Commonwealth Workers’ Compensation Explained

Jun 27, 2017News

**Thanks to the RTBU’s legal firm, Carroll & O’Dea, for providing this article** The RTBU has a number of members covered under the Commonwealth Workers Compensation scheme (as opposed to the NSW compensation scheme). The […] Read More »

Workers’ compensation amendments still wreaking havoc

Apr 10, 2017News

As many workers in New South Wales have just settled into the New Year, it is a timely reminder that many will be spending 2017 preparing themselves for the full impact of the 2012 changes […] Read More »

Thousands of injured workers to lose compensation benefits this year

Jan 20, 2017News

In 2012, the O’Farrell government not only slashed compensation benefits for injured workers but also made these changes retrospective. Now, many workers are facing losing their compensation payments from October if they don’t meet the […] Read More »

10 things to remember if you are injured at work

Sep 9, 2016News

Effective from 1 August 2016, WorkCover have introduced new guidelines for managing and claiming workers compensation. Read about the changes and ten things to remember if you’re injured at work here. Read More »

Government starts Workers Comp roll back – more to be done

Jun 26, 2014News

The NSW Liberal National Government has started to realise the cruel effect that their severe cuts to workers compensation have had on injured workers and their election prospects. Read More »

Workers comp changes – 2 years on

Jun 20, 2014News

It was two years ago that the NSW State Government introduced changes to the workers compensation scheme that stripped away vital rights for injured workers and their families. Read More »

Urgent call for submissions – Government Review of Workers Compensation Cuts

May 20, 2014News

The NSW Government has finally opened a Review of the workers compensation changes that cut the rights of thousands of injured workers almost two years ago. Read More »

Report shows Barry has bungled Workers’ Comp

Feb 12, 2014News

The O’Farrell Government’s changes to the Workers’ Compensation scheme have stripped workers and their families of vital protections, a report released by Macquarie University has found. Read More »

Train drivers have toughest job

Sep 26, 2013News

Statistics have revealed what many of us already knew – that train driving is a tough, stressful job. Read More »

Work Related Injury Claims Dispute

Aug 28, 2013News

The RTBU has recently been advised that members who have suffered a work related injury are being coerced into using their own sick leave rather than claiming workers compensation for injuries received while at work. Read More »

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