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Maintenance centre train washes update

Apr 3, 2013News

RailCorp recently proposed to have train washes “timetabled” and incorporated into diagrams so the incoming driver would be responsible for the Waratah train wash procedure – not the rostered shed/wash driver as is the current […] Read More »

Waratah Train Preparation

Feb 5, 2013News

RailCorp has advised the RTBU that it wishes to review the current Waratah Train preparation procedure, with the ultimate goal of reducing the overall time allowable for this procedure. Read More »

Waratah (almost) faultless

Jun 21, 2012Update

After the initial teething problems with the Waratah there are now nine operational Waratah sets, with eight running daily and one on standby. Set number 23 is now in Australia and is currently at Cardiff […] Read More »

Enfield yard ready for “S” set arrivals

May 13, 2012Update

As a part of the rollout of the Waratah train, a portion of the Enfield Freight Yard has been redeveloped to accommodate “S” Sets that will be removed from operation service and replaced by the […] Read More »

Waratah Sets 5 & 6 on their way

Dec 14, 2011Update

Waratah Sets 3 and 4 are now operational on a rotation basis for limited passenger runs. Set 5 and Set 6 have been handed over to RailCorp for their PC testing and it is proposed […] Read More »

Waratah update: set six is ready for PC testing

Oct 24, 2011Update

* Members will be aware that Waratah sets three and four are now operational on a rotation basis for limited passenger runs. Set five has once again failed to meet its Practical Completion [PC] testing […] Read More »

ATP acceptance trials complete

Sep 27, 2011Update

DMI screen acceptance trials for the Waratah have now been completed. The aim of the trials was to make sure the screen was located in the correct position and that the information contained on the […] Read More »

Waratah drivers training course gets the green light

Sep 27, 2011Update

RTBU reps have been involved in the development, piloting and reviewing of the driver training for the Waratah train over the past 12 months. The course, which has been reviewed through two pilots, has now […] Read More »

Funding for public transport infrastructure ‘half the picture’

Sep 7, 2011News

The State Budget contained funding for a number of important rail infrastructure projects, but this investment will be wasted if there are not enough workers to run services. 350 jobs are being cut to ‘back […] Read More »

Second Waratah under scrutiny

Aug 12, 2011Update

The second Waratah set has been presented to RailCorp and is currently undergoing testing. Once again the RTBU is finding it difficult to gain access to this set with two reviews cancelled already by RailCorp. […] Read More »

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