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Fair go for Workers Comp Day – 19 June

Jun 11, 2013News

The first anniversary of the O’Farrell Government stripping away workers compensation rights and entitlements is coming up on the 19th of June. Read More »

Injured at work? We want to hear from you

May 23, 2013News

In June last year, the O’Farrell Government slashed Workers Compensation for all workers in NSW. Read More »

International Day of Mourning

Apr 23, 2013News

The International Day of Mourning is coming up on Sunday 28th April – a time to remember workers whose lives have been list as a result of workplace incidents or disease. Read More »

Paid Parental Leave Review – quick online survey

Apr 12, 2013News

The Federal Government is currently conducting a Review of the Paid Parental Leave Scheme – and we want you to get involved. Read More »

Workers will hold Minister to comments on workers comp

Oct 9, 2012News

Unions NSW has vowed to hold Finance Minister Greg Pearce to his statement that the start date for the new two and a half year caps on workers compensation payments will not apply retrospectively. In […] Read More »

O’Farrell’s attack on Workers Compensation heats up

Jun 20, 2012News

The O’Farrell Government has launched a disgraceful attack on injured workers by ramming legislation to slash medical benefits and entitlements through the NSW Legislative Assembly. The changes to the two Bills introduced and passed by […] Read More »

Cost cutting O’Farrell sets his sights on WorkCover

Mar 28, 2012Uncategorized

An audit of the NSW WorkCover scheme has just been completed, and with a $4 billion deficit predicted by the end of the year, Barry O’Farrell says the system is in dire need of reform. […] Read More »

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