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NSW Trains uniform: shorts update

Nov 18, 2016News

NSW Trains has finally agreed to provide shorts as part of the standard uniform but not until February 2017. In the meantime, the company will source 200 pairs which will be distributed on a first come first […] Read More »

NSW Trains Uniform Review

Aug 24, 2016News

The NSW Trains uniform review is currently underway and as a part of it the issue of shorts is being addressed. You may notice that several NSW Trains employees have been suppled with sample shorts […] Read More »

Big uniform win after long battle

Jul 19, 2016News

  After a long and protracted battle, the much despised Sydney Trains driver’s shirt is set to go. We’ve been advised that the shirt will be replaced with a similar material weave as that of the old […] Read More »

NSW Trains uniform consultation collapses

Nov 8, 2013News

A trial of the new NSW Trains uniforms has just been completed, following several months of consultation over the issue.   Read More »

RailCorp train crew uniform proves unpopular

Jun 21, 2013News

RailCorp recently advised it will be introducing a new Train Crew uniform, which has caused great concern among the membership.  Read More »

Lifting shorts and wearing skirts

Jun 13, 2013News

Male staff on Swedish commuter trains achieved a win for their rights at work last week by wearing ladies skirts to work. Read More »

Finally, Railcorp addresses the big issue – grooming

Jul 12, 2012Hot Topic

Put those sunglasses away and get that stubble off your face – Railcorp has decided its time for employees to spruce up. It appears that Railcorp has decided that the issues of overcrowding and staff moral should be put on the backburner while they concentrate on something far more important – grooming. Read More »

No polos for you: RailCorp knocks back comfy shirts

Feb 12, 2012Update

RailCorp has knocked back a request from the RTBU to include polo shirts in the uniform for drivers. RailCorp claims it is seeking a more ‘professional image’ for drivers. This is despite other classifications including […] Read More »

Proposed CityRail drivers’ uniform update: Have your say

Dec 13, 2011Update

The RTBU Locomotive Division has been in consultation with RailCorp for a new uniform to be provided for cityrail drivers for quite some time. After exhaustive and protracted meetings and site visits, various uniform items […] Read More »

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