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Shorts are back – big win on Sydney Trains uniforms

May 13, 2015News

After a long battle, Sydney Trains has finally agreed to change its uniforms for train crew. Shorts are now back, polo shirts are coming and the business shirts will now be made from a more […] Read More »

OSCAR Fast Stable Function

Apr 24, 2015News

Loco Express recently reported that Sydney Trains was proposing to install a Fast Stable system on OSCAR trains in order to prolong battery life.  Read More »

Employee Safety and Security Working Group

Apr 23, 2015News

With members continually raising security concerns last year, Sydney Trains was forced to act – and it did so by establishing the Employee Safety & Security Working Group (ESSWG). Read More »

Scratchy uniforms a disaster

Apr 20, 2015News

The RTBU was in the media on the weekend, talking about the need to improve the Sydney Trains uniforms. Read More »

SPAD reduction – don’t believe everything you read

Mar 6, 2015News

Despite what Sydney Trains has claimed in its bulletins, the Loco Division does not support its new SPAD reduction initiative. Read More »

Sydney Trains uniforms a disaster

Jan 12, 2015News

The Sydney Trains uniforms have been a source of grief for many employees since they were first forced to wear them.

In December, we surveyed 297 Locomotive Division members to find out the extent of the problem.

The numbers prove it – the Sydney Trains uniform is a disaster. Read More »

Sydney Trains’ summer of discontent

Nov 25, 2014News

The recent searing Sydney temperatures have left a large number of Sydney Trains drivers very hot under the collar. Read More »

Train whistles blowing…but not at tunnels

Nov 7, 2014News

The sweet tweet of a train whistle may soon be a thing of the past, with Sydney Trains looking at removing the requirement for drivers to sound their train whistle when entering or exiting tunnels. Read More »

Sydney Trains introduces ‘refresher’ course

Nov 7, 2014News

Sydney Trains is proposing to run a skills refresher course to assist drivers who are apparently as far as Sydney Trains is concerned, “struggling to meet the business standards”. Read More »

Sydney Trains set for deep and meaningful convos

Nov 7, 2014News

Sydney Trains employees, prepare to have some deep conversations with your managers. Read More »