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Buy a ticket to support your Picnic Day

Oct 6, 2016News

Attention Sydney and NSW Trains Members: Your Picnic Day is fast approaching! Please support your picnic committee and help to keep this entitlement by buying a ticket: application forms are already available in some areas. Your Picnic […] Read More »

SafeWork NSW validates the right for HSRs to choose their trainers

Oct 6, 2016News

For over 18 months Unions have been fighting Sydney Trains Management over their refusal to allow HSRs their right under Section 72 – WHS Act 2011 to choose the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to provide […] Read More »

Digital Train Radio System to commence without RTBU support

Sep 6, 2016News

Sydney Trains has announced that it has received approval from the Rail Regulator to commence operation of the Digital Train Radio System (DTRS) on Sectors 2 and 3 from Monday 5th September 2016. Read more: Footplate […] Read More »

Sydney and NSW Trains propose changes to TWP 102

Aug 30, 2016News

The RTBU Locomotive Division has been invited to commence initial discussions with both Sydney Trains and NSW Trains regarding proposed changes to TWP 102 – Authorised Persons Travelling in Crew Compartments. The proposed changes would see […] Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

Aug 11, 2016Secretary's run-down

While our employers and the media attempt to take the spotlight off their own failings by demonising RTBU members, here at the Loco Division we’re concentrating on the job at hand – representing members across […] Read More »

Trish Doyle MP thanks front line train staff

Aug 11, 2016News

It’s great to see Trish Doyle MP standing up for train staff. She told NSW Parliament: “I thank the front line hard working staff at Sydney Trains, and NSW Trains, NSW Transport, for their efforts. Thank you […] Read More »

Sydney Trains driver pens open letter in response to ‘inefficiency’ accusations

Jul 29, 2016News

An RTBU Locomotive Division member has written an open letter in response to an article published earlier this week in the Daily Telegraph accusing Sydney Trains drivers of being ‘off the rails with inefficiency’. The Sydney Trains driver hopes to […] Read More »

Footplate: Depot Rebalancing Program

Jul 26, 2016News

Members are advised that the RTBU met with Sydney Trains yesterday to continue discussions around the depot rebalancing program and the associated transfer issues therein. Read more: Footplate 17.16 – Depot Rebalancing Program Read More »

Liberals should come clean with plans to sack drivers and privatise Sydney Trains

Jul 21, 2016News

No surprises that the Daily Telegraph is going after transport workers as the NSW Government starts their push to buy the driver-only NIF trains. Below you can read the media release we sent out to […] Read More »

Big uniform win after long battle

Jul 19, 2016News

  After a long and protracted battle, the much despised Sydney Trains driver’s shirt is set to go. We’ve been advised that the shirt will be replaced with a similar material weave as that of the old […] Read More »