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Update 2 – Asbestos in C and K Set Trains

Jul 14, 2017News

A meeting was held on Wednesday with Sydney Trains about the ongoing issue of asbestos in C and K Set Trains and the broader management of asbestos within the Sydney Trains workplace. Representatives from the […] Read More »

United for a fair agreement

Jul 13, 2017News

Update 3, Wednesday July 12 Our combined rail unions’ representatives have just begun negotiations with Sydney and NSW Trains management for our new agreement/s. This meeting was our chance to tell management what matters to […] Read More »

Asbestos dust/particles found in C and K sets

Jul 9, 2017News

The Locomotive Division have been made aware of asbestos dust/particles being found in various C and K Sets with the predominate location being in driver’s side Circuit Breaker panels. We understand that the sample data […] Read More »

Cabinet leaks show massive increase in cost of powering Sydney Trains

Jul 6, 2017News

Leaked NSW Government documents have revealed an 82 per cent increase in the cost of electricity to keep Sydney Trains running. The leaks show that in March, the Government was warned that power costs would rise to $65 […] Read More »

NSW Rail Entities 2017: Enterprise Bargaining

Jun 30, 2017News

Sydney Trains and NSW Trains may soon send out Representation Notices to employees of the two Rail Entities. These Notices may be posted on Notice Boards and may be forwarded to people’s home addresses. The […] Read More »

Sydney Trains Future Operations update: delegates endorse continued engagement

Jun 22, 2017News

Members are advised that at the recent Electric Train Drivers Committee meeting delegates endorsed continued engagement with Sydney Trains in an effort to finalise the Sydney Trains – Drivers Future Operations proposal to take to […] Read More »

Sydney Trains proposed changes would affect passengers with disability

Jun 21, 2017News

Representatives from the Locomotive and Operations Divisions met with Sydney Trains yesterday regarding a recently resurrected project to amend OSP 25. The proposed changes would see station staff required to use Emergency Help Points to […] Read More »

Loco Division fights for fair rosters at Sydney Trains’ Campbelltown depot

Jun 15, 2017News

The Locomotive Division wishes to report on an ongoing roster issue playing out at Campbelltown Depot. The Depot Rebalancing program operating under the Future Operations umbrella has seen a significant uplift in numbers of train […] Read More »

Sydney Trains Member Representation Dispute

May 22, 2017News

Sydney Trains Members should be aware of a current Step 2 Dispute with Sydney Trains regarding Member Representation. The Locomotive Division has been informed that some areas of Sydney Trains management are yet again advising […] Read More »

Sydney Trains reshuffles the Train Crew deck…….again!

May 17, 2017News

  Sydney Trains recently announced a new management structure for its Operations Directorate, which includes train crew management. Historically, one General Manager position has been allocated to train crew. However under this new structure, two “Directors” […] Read More »

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