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Staff car parking – update

Dec 13, 2013News

Following Sydney/NSW Trains announcement that it would review the number of staff car parks at stations, the Loco Division has been working with members at impacted stations to ensure any car park changes do not […] Read More »

Management told to come clean on reforms

Dec 3, 2013News

The Combined Rail Unions last week received advice regarding Sydney Trains intention to start another round of reform and engage in other measures to reduce employment security for members. Read More »

Staff car parking to go

Dec 2, 2013News

Sydney/NSW Trains and Transport for NSW have recently conducted a review of staff car parks. Read More »

Rail Entities Log of claims

Nov 28, 2013News

A resolution will be put to Rail Entities members for endorsement at upcoming mass meetings. Read More »

Acting higher grade, Mortdale drivers

Nov 8, 2013News

Sydney Trains will soon have to begin recruitment of Driver Trainers at Mortdale, however the union has received correspondence from the company suggesting that they intend to offer some positions in this role to previous […] Read More »

Driver trainer numbers in dispute

Nov 7, 2013News

Concerns have been raised over Sydney Trains’ compliance with the maximum required number of driver trainers, as outlined in the RailCorp EA. Read More »

Sydney Trains attempts to force standbys on platforms

Nov 7, 2013News

Sydney Trains recently attempted to direct drivers to standby on the platform with the Shift Manager, instead of in the approved meal or standby room as is the normal practice. Read More »

RTBU launches exchange of shifts dispute

Nov 7, 2013News

Sydney Trains has been attempting to restrict drivers from swapping their shifts under the guise of “training commitments”. Read More »

Worried about being pushed to work too many hours?

Oct 24, 2013News

Members at Sydney Trains have raised concerns about management requesting that drivers work above the legal maximum number of hours per shift. Read More »

Fewer staff, fewer clean trains

Oct 21, 2013News

An increase in passenger complaints about the cleanliness of Sydney trains is no surprise, the Loco Division says. Read More »