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Rail entities negotiations kick off

Oct 8, 2013News

Negotiations with the government over the new Rail Entities enterprise agreement kicked off today with a meeting between the Minister for Transport and representatives of the Combined Rail Unions. Read More »

Attempts to remove 10min sign off time

Sep 16, 2013News

Sydney Trains is proposing to remove the 10 minutes sign off time currently allocated to drivers. Read More »

Turnout issue prompts safety upgrade

Aug 22, 2013News

The Loco Division was forced to raise a safety issue with Sydney Trains recently, after two instances of trains traversing a turnout movement over the posted the line speed were reported to the union. Read More »

Driver transfers put on hold

Aug 16, 2013News

The transition from RailCorp to Sydney Trains and NSW Trains has resulted in vacant position numbers for Sydney trains being transferred to Central. Read More »

Trainee Drivers rosters in chaos

Aug 15, 2013News

The recent restructure within Sydney Trains has resulted in rostering problems for trainee drivers. Read More »

Cabs to be fitted with forward facing cameras

Aug 14, 2013News

Discussions about mounting forward facing cameras in Sydney Trains and NSW Trains cabs are currently taking place. Read More »

Welfare phone calls: management shows a caring side…

Aug 9, 2013News

Sydney Trains management has commenced a practice of ringing members who are on sick leave for the purpose of a supposed “welfare check”. Read More »

New Sydney and NSW Trains management

Jul 2, 2013News

The new business groups of RailCorp – NSW and Sydney Trains – have commenced operations as of July 1, 2013. Read More »

Sydney and NSW Trains depot tour

Jun 27, 2013News

A Sydney and NSW Trains depot tour will begin in July, providing members with an opportunity to discuss the upcoming enterprise agreement and general issues affecting workers. Read More »