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Sydney Trains Newsflash: delegates’ meeting held

Dec 15, 2016News

Sydney Trains presented a detailed version of the current state of their Train Crew Reform proposal to RTBU Loco Division reps at a delegates’ forum this week. The Loco Division continues to maintain its position […] Read More »

Sydney Trains Reform: latest update

Dec 8, 2016News

The Loco Division has continued to meet regularly with Sydney Trains since the recent delegates’ conference. However, at this time we haven’t received anything of substance. Read the latest Sydney Trains Reform Newsflash. Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

We’ve finally got something to report on the Sydney Trains Reform (otherwise known as the “Future Operations Program”). At a combined delegates’ forum last week management proposed to increase rostered shift limits to 8 hours […] Read More »

Sydney Trains reform update: delegate forum held

Nov 15, 2016News

A combined delegates’ forum was held this week to receive a presentation from Sydney Trains on the current state of the Future Operations Program (Train Crew Reforms). Read the latest Newsflash here. Read More »

Latest update on the Sydney Trains reform

Aug 30, 2016News

Recent discussions with Sydney Trains have taken place but we’re yet to receive anything of substance from Sydney Trains. Find out more by downloading the latest Sydney Trains Reform Newsflash. Read More »

Sydney Trains reform: latest update

Aug 12, 2016News

Members are advised that after a break of approximately five months Sydney Trains has recommenced the discussions on the Clause 12 reform items although Sydney Trains now wants to focus on work package 2 (EA Clause […] Read More »

Sydney Trains reform – latest Newsflash

Jan 25, 2016News

What the latest on the Sydney Trains reform situation? Click here to read the latest Newsflash. You can also complete the latest Sydney Trains reform survey by clicking on this link.  Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

Jan 22, 2016Secretary's run-down
Bob Hayden, Divisional Secretary

It’s been a tough start to 2016 for many Loco Division members. Pacific National has recently moved to axe 46 Port Waratah train crew jobs. The cuts will involve both voluntary and forced redundancies and […] Read More »

Sydney Trains reform: latest update

Oct 14, 2015News

Two meetings were held with Sydney Trains this week to discuss its proposed reforms. We know this reform process is important to you, which is why the Loco and Guards Divisions will continue to keep you […] Read More »

Sydney Trains reform survey – have you had your say?

Oct 6, 2015News

Well over 300 members have completed the Sydney Trains reform survey – a sign that the issue is a key concern for members. The survey is open until COB Monday 12 October, after which the […] Read More »

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