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Aurizon in-cab recording – what you said

Mar 17, 2016News

After seeing Aurizon’s lacklustre attempt at an employee survey to gauge workers’ views on the introduction of in-cab recording systems, the Loco Division decided to launch our own member survey. Click here to see the […] Read More »

In-cab recording at Aurizon – have your say

Mar 7, 2016News

The in-cab recording system saga at Aurizon is continuing. The latest is that Aurizon has placed a box and some survey forms on a counter at Mayfield – trouble is, the box and forms aren’t […] Read More »

Have you taken the latest Sydney Trains survey?

Feb 5, 2016Update

The Loco Division has launched another survey to help gauge members’ views on the important Sydney Trains reform issues. The responses so far (around 400 members have responded) show that sectorisation isn’t a popular proposition; […] Read More »

Sydney Trains reform – what you said

Nov 17, 2015News

The results of the recent member survey are now in. Click here to see an overview of what members said about some of the key areas of the Sydney Trains reform discussions and for a […] Read More »

Reform survey showing members reject cluster depot move

Nov 6, 2015News

The sectorisation of Train Crew and the cluster depot proposal are overwhelmingly unpopular and most people want the lift up/lay back payments to stay as they are, according to the preliminary outcome of the current RTBU survey running on the […] Read More »

We want to hear from you

Oct 26, 2015News

We are committed to regularly seeking feedback from members about key issues relating to the Sydney Trains reform. One of the ways which we’ll be doing that is by regular, short surveys. Click here to […] Read More »

Survey shows Sydney Trains PR not working

Oct 16, 2015News

The recent survey of members has shown that no one is buying Sydney Trains’ PR about the reform. Over 350 members completed the survey – 69 per cent of which were drivers. 83 per cent […] Read More »

Sydney Trains reform survey – have you had your say?

Oct 6, 2015News

Well over 300 members have completed the Sydney Trains reform survey – a sign that the issue is a key concern for members. The survey is open until COB Monday 12 October, after which the […] Read More »

Reform survey and update

Sep 30, 2015News

Union reps from the Loco Division and Guards Sub-Division met with Sydney Trains again this week to discuss the reform process. The two days of meetings were aimed at getting more detail about the aggregate […] Read More »

Your chance to have your say

Mar 6, 2015News

The RTBU is your union and we want you to have your say. Read More »

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