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Angry about cuts to Penalty rates? Here’s what you can do

Mar 22, 2017News

Cuts to Sunday and public holiday penalty rates will hurt hundreds of thousands of workers across the country – and while it might not affect our industry directly, workers in hospitality, retail, fast food and pharmacy […] Read More »

Let’s support businesses who won’t cut rates: send your pics!

Mar 5, 2017News

One of our members from the Blue Mountains has sent in the details of a business which won’t be cutting Sunday and public holiday penalty rates for its staff. Glenbrook Liquor Store has a sign out […] Read More »

Stop Malcolm’s Cuts

Feb 14, 2017News

From Australian Unions: Malcolm Turnbull is telling people with disabilities they cannot have the support they need unless other Australians suffer devastating cuts to the their incomes. Turnbull is trying to pit Australians against each […] Read More »

Bill would require two-person crews on US freight trains

Jan 18, 2017News

Attempts by governments and private companies to cut costs by cutting corners on railroad safety are not unique to Australia – they are happening all around the world. In the US there is a push […] Read More »

Massive pay cut for hundreds of power plant workers in Victoria

Jan 15, 2017News

More than 570 workers will have their pay slashed by up to 30 per cent after the Fair Work Commission agreed to tear up the existing pay and conditions for all employees working at the massive Loy […] Read More »

Disabled woman left stranded on cold, dark platform

Jan 12, 2017News

Is this what the future will look like for NSW Trains if the Government’s driver only operation plans go ahead? This week a disabled woman was left stranded for two hours on a freezing cold and dark […] Read More »

Stand with uni workers facing a 39% pay cut

Dec 22, 2016News

Western Australia’s Murdoch University has made moves to strip its workers of all their Enterprise Bargaining pay and conditions in an action more like a rogue miner, or building company than one of Australia’s leading universities. An […] Read More »

NZ train drivers condemn KiwiRail’s return to “dirty diesel”

Dec 22, 2016News

New Zealand’s train drivers are condemning KiwiRail’s plans to replace the current electric locomotive fleet on the North Island Main Trunk Line with Chinese-made and diesel-powered locomotives. Rail and Maritime Transport Union (RMTU) General Secretary Wayne Butson told the media that diesel-powered […] Read More »

The pension Malcolm Turnbull is not touching

Dec 22, 2016News

Last week we reported that Malcolm Turnbull is cutting pensions for hard-working Australians, with some couples set to lose up to $6,120 a year, or $117.70 a week. But there’s one pension he’s not touching… Thanks […] Read More »

They are cutting our pensions

Dec 16, 2016News

Malcolm Turnbull is cutting pensions for hard-working Australians, with some couples set to lose up to $6,120 a year, or $117.70 a week. These cuts will make life very difficult for 330,000 pensioners. Many of these people […] Read More »