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Proposed Change to Millennium and OSCAR Safety Measures

Apr 5, 2011News

RailCorp have recently announced a proposal to change the Vigilance Timing Cycle on Millennium and OSCAR trains to 30 seconds, bringing them in line with the remainder of the fleet. RailCorp believes this change is […] Read More »

Richmond line duplication

Mar 23, 2011News

The duplication of the Richmond track is nearing completion and the Loco Division has been involved in ensuring that driver needs are addressed around issues of signal sighting, safety concerns, amenities and the Draft Risk […] Read More »

RailCorp: train preparation at risk

Mar 23, 2011News

RailCorp have proposed to reduce the train preparation procedure (for silver sets and Tangara trains) and therefore reduce the time taken by drivers to perform this important work. For 18 months, the loco division has […] Read More »

Professional Driving Handbook: Up-skilling drivers

Mar 23, 2011News

RTBU loco division reps and members from the principal driver, driver trainer and driver ranks have been attending Professional Driving Handbook workshops. The workshops are part of an initiative to reduce the incidence of Signals […] Read More »

Model Work Health and Safety Regulations

Mar 18, 2011News

The draft model Work Health and Safety Regulations, priority codes of practice and an issues paper were released by Safe Work Australia for public comment in December last year. Unions NSW is currently formalising comment […] Read More »

Countrylink: Goulburn MOU upheld

Feb 24, 2011Uncategorized

During recent track work, the long standing agreement to man the SP35/32 Canberra service with two drivers (owing to the shift length) was breached under the guise of a “local agreement” enabling one driver only […] Read More »

Macdonaldtown train horn noise project

Feb 24, 2011Uncategorized

Work is continuing on the project to develop an audible warning system for use in depots across the RailCorp network that meets safety requirements while not breaching NSW noise pollution laws. There is a proposal […] Read More »

Moving to Automatic Train Protection

Feb 24, 2011Uncategorized

‘Automatic Train Protection’ is now a little closer to being applied to the RailCorp network. It is in line with our OH&S Committees’ previous stand as to the provision of ‘ATP’ safety equipment and in […] Read More »

Potential exposure to contaminants in tunnels

Feb 24, 2011News

The RTBU is working with rail operators to ensure train crews are adequately protected from potential exposure to dangerous contaminants, including diesel fumes in the case a train breaks down in a tunnel. Crew is […] Read More »

OHS at Interail Yennora

Feb 24, 2011Uncategorized

Negotiations are continuing on a number of OH&S issues raised by drivers at Glen Lee. The main issues are lack of radio communication from one end of the yard to the other, poor lighting, uneven […] Read More »