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Sector 1 Rostering Dispute

May 21, 2014News

Mortdale, Cronulla and Waterfall depots have had a big safety win recently, with drivers fighting to maintain review road diagrams following Sydney Trains’ attempt to remove them. Read More »

Signal win at Central

May 6, 2014News

A signal upgrade late last year resulted in major concerns for drivers at Central, with the change to the signal position on the country end of platform 18 making it difficult for drivers to see […] Read More »

Blinded by the lights

Feb 12, 2014News

Drivers are concerned that the new ‘visibility lights’ now required to be fitted to trains, are temporarily blinding oncoming drivers. Read More »

Sydney Trains Uniform Update

Jan 28, 2014Update

The dispute with management over new uniforms is still ongoing, with participants in the 30-day trial saying it is ‘inappropriate for the type of work being undertaken,’ and reporting numerous issues with various items. Targets […] Read More »

Train drivers billed for unnecessary drug screenings

Jan 16, 2014News

The RTBU has demanded answers after train drivers were billed for unnecessary and invasive drug screenings at Western Plains Medical Centre. Two NSW Trains members based in Dubbo have told their local Locomotive Division Delegate […] Read More »

Liverpool turnback project training

Jan 14, 2014News

Sydney Trains’ proposed training package for the new Liverpool Turnback track forced the Loco Division to lodge a notice of dispute recently. Sydney Trains initially proposed to have drivers learn the new route, which is […] Read More »

US Metro-North ordered to slow down

Dec 10, 2013News

An emergency order has been issued to the Metro-North Railroad, calling on it to take immediate steps to ensure its crew don’t speed. Read More »

NSW Trains uniform consultation collapses

Nov 8, 2013News

A trial of the new NSW Trains uniforms has just been completed, following several months of consultation over the issue.   Read More »

Worried about being pushed to work too many hours?

Oct 24, 2013News

Members at Sydney Trains have raised concerns about management requesting that drivers work above the legal maximum number of hours per shift. Read More »

Calls for national roll-out of level crossing safety devices

Oct 1, 2013News

New technology aimed at improving safety at level crossings should be rolled out across the country, the RTBU says. Read More »

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