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Recent assaults leave Victorian rail workers fearful

Mar 13, 2017News

Recent assaults on V/LINE conductors have left rail workers in Victoria fearing for their safety and sparked a call from the RTBU for self-defence, first aid and conflict resolution training and a state-funded safety campaign. […] Read More »

NIF update: Loco Division opposes DOO in its entirety

Mar 2, 2017News

Locomotive Division Passenger Vice President Dan Leece and Intercity Divisional Councillor Mick Bindley have been conducting a joint tour of NSW Trains’ inter-city depots with NSW Branch Secretary, Alex Claassens and a representative from the […] Read More »

Nine arrests in one night in Illawarra

Feb 23, 2017News

Last Saturday nine people were arrested for transport offences in just nine hours in the Illawarra. Police also gave nine ‘move on’ directions, issued 55 rail infringement notices and gave four field court attendance notices […] Read More »

Shift length breaches and your safety

Feb 17, 2017News

Over recent weeks there has been a marked increase of reports of Train Crew breaching their shift limits and Rail Safety Legislation Limits. Read the Newsflash here. Read More »

Bill would require two-person crews on US freight trains

Jan 18, 2017News

Attempts by governments and private companies to cut costs by cutting corners on railroad safety are not unique to Australia – they are happening all around the world. In the US there is a push […] Read More »

Tragic afternoon on the tracks

Jan 16, 2017News

Yesterday was a horrific day with two pedestrians being hit by trains in separate incidents. According to media reports, a woman in Melbourne’s northwest was killed and another pedestrian is in a critical condition after being hit […] Read More »

Emails reveal multiple warnings about Skytrain safety threat

Jan 16, 2017News

The Sydney Morning Herald reveals that senior RMS officials were so concerned about the structural soundness of the Skytrain section of the Sydney Metro North West project that they raised multiple warnings and pushed to halt construction. […] Read More »

Dangerous incident in London shows why we need guards on trains

Jan 12, 2017News

A recent incident in London where a woman was dragged along a platform after getting her hand caught in a door is another reminder of the dangers of driver only operation. Luckily, according to media reports the […] Read More »

RTBU meets with management and Safework NSW following Sandgate assault

Jan 10, 2017News

On Thursday your Union and HSR met with FLACH management and Safework NSW inspectors to discuss safety and security and to identify what the company has done to improve safety at the Sandgate office since your […] Read More »

Spanish train driver cops bad press for standing up for safety

Oct 19, 2016News

A Spanish train driver left his post mid-route this week because he reached the legal limit on the number of hours he could work. In Spain the legal shift length is set at six hours straight to […] Read More »