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Have you saved your seat at Town Hall?

Mar 6, 2014News

Public transport is going to the hot topic at the upcoming Sydney Alliance: People’s Agenda meeting held on Wednesday 26th March. Read More »

Rail network will be compromised if rail staff can’t find a car park

Mar 2, 2014News

Taking 1000 car spots away from key transport workers at train stations could effect the on time running of the rail network, the NSW Rail, Tram and Bus Union said today. Read More »

Breaking News: Aurizon workers vote on further action following lock-out

Feb 28, 2014News

Aurizon freight members this afternoon voted to take a further 24 hours of industrial action beginning at 4am Saturday morning.  Read More »

Public transport centre stage at Sydney Alliance Town Hall Assembly

Feb 18, 2014News

Public transport will take centre stage when the Sydney Alliance Assembly takes place in just over a month. Read More »

The Free Ride’s Over

Feb 12, 2014News

The Senate recently announced an inquiry into the productivity benefits of investing in public transport, to which the RTBU National office has provided a submission to titled ‘The Free Ride’s Over’. Read More »

Blinded by the lights

Feb 12, 2014News

Drivers are concerned that the new ‘visibility lights’ now required to be fitted to trains, are temporarily blinding oncoming drivers. Read More »

Meet the newest organiser

Jan 20, 2014Update

Jessica Epps has been learning fast as the newest organiser for the Rail, Tram and Bus Union Locomotive Division. At 23, Jessica is already a veteran of union activism, having worked for the Financial Union […] Read More »

Liverpool turnback project training

Jan 14, 2014News

Sydney Trains’ proposed training package for the new Liverpool Turnback track forced the Loco Division to lodge a notice of dispute recently. Sydney Trains initially proposed to have drivers learn the new route, which is […] Read More »

Long overdue good news for El Zorro members

Nov 28, 2013News

The RTBU finally has some good news for El Zorro members, who were left without pay and entitlements following the liquidation of the company earlier this year.  Read More »

Asbestos found in trains forces RTBU to call for tougher policing

Nov 27, 2013News

The RTBU is demanding tougher policing of imported locomotive parts after it was found that railway workers have been exposed to potentially hazardous asbestos brought to Australia in trains imported from China. Read More »

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