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Update: Waratah train handover

May 25, 2011News

As members will be aware, RailCorp has been handed set A03 to commence evaluations prior to acceptance or rejection of the set for operational purposes. This period of evaluation expired on the weekend of the 22/23 […] Read More »

Transfer & Placement Policy dispute update

May 25, 2011News

As previously reported, RailCorp was seeking to recruit and appoint new train drivers directly to Mortdale, Flemington and Hornsby depots, bypassing known Industrial agreements about depot transfer waiting lists. The RTBU placed this matter into […] Read More »

Union rep returned to work at PN Coal

May 20, 2011News

A union representative at PN coal in the Hunter Valley has been returned to work after a review found that the allegations leading to his initial stand down were unfounded. The Loco Division rep was […] Read More »

Members the focus of Loco NSW tour

May 19, 2011Update

RTBU members will be given the opportunity to talk about the issues important to them during a NSW tour planned by the RTBU Loco Division. I will be conducting a 7-stop tour of the state […] Read More »

From our comrades in Japan

Mar 18, 2011News

The RTBU has strong and enduring ties with Japan’s Rail Union – the JREU. The JREU is playing an active role supporting its members to cope with the disaster. The NSW Loco Division sends our […] Read More »

Moving to Automatic Train Protection

Feb 24, 2011Update

‘Automatic Train Protection’ is now a little closer to being applied to the RailCorp network. It is in line with our OH&S Committees’ previous stand as to the provision of ‘ATP’ safety equipment and in […] Read More »

Safety concerns at Clyde Fuelling Point

Feb 24, 2011Update

A request was made from members to have an OH&S inspection carried out on the Clyde Fuelling Point. The inspection was carried out with the RTBU Freight Organiser Kevin Pryor and RTBU OH&S Coordinator Keith […] Read More »

Mileage payment claims successful

Feb 24, 2011Update

After a lengthy campaign with RailCorp exceeding 12 months, an RTBU Depot Organiser has succeeded in gaining back payment of Mileages due to drivers in that depot. This is sue arose from incorrect mileages being […] Read More »

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