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Railtrain: The results are in!

Jul 9, 2017Update

It only took two whole weeks and an application in the Fair Work Commission filed by the RTBU to get Failtrain management to capitulate and provide a breakdown of the results. CONGRATULATIONS Almost 90% of […] Read More »

Congratulations – RailTrain forced back to the bargaining table!

Jun 28, 2017News

The RTBU congratulates all its members and Railtrain employees for securing a NO vote. You have stood together as a united workforce to let Railtrain know that you deserve better pay and conditions. A NO […] Read More »

Where are the results?

Jun 26, 2017News

The voting for your Enterprise Agreement concluded at 5pm on Wednesday night. It was an electronic ballot which provide immediate results. The RTBU wants to know why Railtrain have not let the Members and Employees […] Read More »

Are they hiding something?

Jun 23, 2017News

As you are all aware, the voting for the proposed Agreement closed at 5pm AEST yesterday. For some reason, Railtrain is holding out on providing us the result. We have called and written to them […] Read More »

RailTrain vote coming up: VOTE NO!

Jun 19, 2017News

On Tuesday the 20th of June Railtrain will be asking you vote on their new Enterprise Agreement. The RTBU is unreservedly saying VOTE NO. This Agreement is second-rate and does not come anywhere near what […] Read More »

RailTrain EA: VOTE NO!

Jun 9, 2017Update

Your RTBU negotiating Team met with RailTrain today (Friday 9 June). The RTBU was back at the table (after our win in the Fair Work Commission last week) to start to negotiate the Infrastructure stream […] Read More »

RailTrain: Victory on one agreement

Jun 6, 2017News

Your Union has had a victory in the Fair Work Commission late on Friday 2 June, with Railtrain backing down and agreeing to go back to the original RTBU position of one Enterprise Agreement. This […] Read More »

RailTrain unilaterally changes the scope of the EA

May 29, 2017News

RailTrain is still maintaining its position to separate the Enterprise Agreement into two – a position the RTBU vehemently opposes. Read the Newsflash here. Read More »

RailTrain Newsflash: VOTE NO!

May 25, 2017News

RailTrain is trying to ram through an Agreement without having to deal with your priority issues. Don’t let RailTrain bully you into accepting a bad deal. Read more. Read More »

EA vote cancelled, RailTrain forced back to the negotiating table

May 5, 2017News

Late yesterday evening Railtrain conceded that the vote on its proposed Enterprise Agreement, which was scheduled for this weekend, will not go ahead due to a “minor discrepancy”. Read the News Flash here. Read More »

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