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Waratah Train Preparation

Feb 5, 2013News

RailCorp has advised the RTBU that it wishes to review the current Waratah Train preparation procedure, with the ultimate goal of reducing the overall time allowable for this procedure. Read More »

Railcorp attempts to change maintenance centre train washes

Feb 5, 2013News

RailCorp recently contacted the Loco Division sighting its intention to change the way train washes are conducted at maintenance centres. Read More »

Time capture to pay update

Feb 5, 2013News

RailCorp has re-launched the ‘time capture to pay’ concept under the new banner of ‘My Time and Pay’ and will commence a phased rollout in February 2013. Read More »

Railcorp staff hit again

Feb 1, 2013News

Almost 200 Railcorp executives have been told they’ll have to reapply for their positions as part of the NSW Government’s plans to restructure the organisation. Read More »

Changes to alcohol limit

Jan 16, 2013News

The permissible blood alcohol concentration for rail safety workers has reduced and the penalties for offences have increased, following changes to the Rail Safety Act and Regulation. Read More »

CountryLink training dispute update

Dec 10, 2012News

The current dispute between the RTBU Loco Division and Railcorp/CountryLink over competency based training has gone before Fair Work Australia. Read More »

Storm in a pee cup

Nov 19, 2012News

A RailCorp driver has been reinstated by the Transport Appeals Board after it found that he had not tampered with a urine sample. The driver from Hornsby was dismissed on 21 March 2012 for a […] Read More »

Railcorp slashes almost 700 jobs

Nov 16, 2012News

Another 690 jobs have today been axed from Railcorp – a move the RTBU says will cost commuters.  Read More »

Parliament calls on Transport Minister to apologise for ‘bludgers’ comments

Nov 15, 2012News

The NSW Greens have given notice of a motion on the NSW Legislative Council which calls on the Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian to apologise for recently describing Railcorp workers as ‘bludgers’. Read More »

ATP alarm testing

Oct 26, 2012News

Rigorous testing of new alarm systems has been carried out to ensure there’s no confusion when the new sounds are introduced. As part of the Automatic Train Protection project, several Loco Division members have been […] Read More »

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