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Maintenance centre train wash proposal update

May 25, 2013News

RailCorp recently proposed to have train washes “timetabled” and incorporated into diagrams so the incoming driver would be responsible for the train wash procedure – not the rostered shed/wash driver as is the current practice […] Read More »

Loco Division warming up for RailCorp EA

May 20, 2013News

Loco Division RailCorp delegates are beginning discussion with members about the upcoming RailCorp EA negotiations – which we know are going to be tough. Read More »

CountryLink drivers shortchanged

May 7, 2013News

RailCorp recently attempted to shortchange Werris Creek CountryLink drivers, refusing to pay them in full for services cut short by trackwork. Read More »

Government super announcement concern for RailCorp workers

May 3, 2013News

The O’Farrell Government has revealed it may pressure RailCorp staff to pay for the compulsory superannuation increases out of their own pockets. Read More »

Drunk man awarded $650,000 after falling on tracks

Apr 17, 2013News

Railcorp has been ordered to pay $650,000 to a man who was hit by a train after he drunkenly fell onto the train tracks at Mortdale station. Read More »

Kingsgrove to Revesby Quadruplication training update

Apr 3, 2013News

The Loco Division raised serious concerns over the way Railcorp was handling its training for the new Kingsgrove to Revesby track some time ago. The dispute over the matter has escalated in recent times. Read More »

Concerns raised over RailCorp risk management

Mar 28, 2013News

Concerns have been raised over the way risk assessments are being conducted within RailCorp. Read More »

Railcorp plays hardball on ETR excess travel/travel time

Mar 14, 2013News

Railcorp has been pushing for changes to the current ETR Excess Travel/Travelling Time practices – a move that could mean that for a significant part of the day, workers wouldn’t be covered by Workers Compensation. Read More »

RailCorp Kingsgrove to Revesby Quadruplication Training Dispute

Mar 14, 2013News

Members are advised that a dispute currently exists regarding RailCorp’s proposed training package for this new track which is due to be commissioned in April 2013. Read More »

Train crew to go mobile

Mar 14, 2013News

RailCorp recently held a meeting to discuss introducing tablets (Electronic device) for use by the train crew. Read More »

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