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Two year and still no agreement at QUBE. Time to vote

Jul 28, 2015News

No agreement has been reached on the new QUBE enterprise agreement, despite discussions with the company being had for the past two years. Read More »

Important update on QUBE negotiations

Jul 6, 2015News

Despite the QUBE negotiating team putting in their best efforts and a lot of hard work, the company has prepared a draft section of the Agreement which your union has been unable to agree with. Read More »

QUBE EA – getting closer

Jun 30, 2015News

It is hoped that an in-principle agreement on the new QUBE enterprise agreement will be reached very shortly.  Read More »

QUBE EA almost within reach…

May 29, 2015News

Negotiations for a new QUBE enterprise agreement are drawing nearer to a close, however there still a small number of outstanding issues yet to be resolved. Read More »

Movement at QUBE

Mar 11, 2015News

After a long period of testing negotiations, there’s finally been some movement on the QUBE enterprise agreement. Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

Politics in Australia is throwing some real curve balls at the moment. Last weekend we saw a huge swing against the incumbent Liberal/National Government in Queensland – based in part at least on the Newman’s […] Read More »

QUBE EA hits some management roadblocks

Feb 4, 2015News

Negotiations with QUBE management for a new enterprise agreement are continuing, albeit with a new management team. Read More »

QUBE EBA update

Sep 1, 2014News

The negotiating committee met with QUBE management in June to discuss the latest on the enterprise agreement negotiations. Read More »

QUBE gets underway

Mar 14, 2014News

Negotiations for a new enterprise agreement at QUBE have finally kicked off. Read More »

QUBE EA negotiations kick off

Oct 25, 2013News

With negotiations for a new enterprise agreement at QUBE on the horizon, the Loco Division is getting prepared. Read More »

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