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PN Coal 9.5% allowance dispute

Mar 18, 2011News

As reported in an earlier Loco Express article, PN Coal had made an application for a hearing in FWA regarding the intent of the 9.5% Aggregate Allowance payments within the EA. The Division had our […] Read More »

PN Intermodal Meeting

Mar 18, 2011News

As a result of a number of EA interpretation issues, many involving local depot dispute notices, a meeting is being arranged with PN Intermodal to discuss the following issues: • Being rostered for an AVP […] Read More »

PN Coal 9.5% aggregate allowance dispute: update

Mar 10, 2011News

The Division has been in dispute with PN Coal in regards to the payment of the 9.5% Aggregate Allowance as provided for in the EA. Last week and without any notice to the RTBU, PN […] Read More »

Easter / Anzac Day public holidays – Pacific National

Feb 24, 2011Uncategorized

In a development bound to cause confusion, Easter Monday will be marked on a Tuesday this year, with a public holiday on Tuesday 26 March. In a quirk of the calendar, Easter Monday falls on […] Read More »

PN Intermodal Dispute

Feb 24, 2011News

The RTBU and PN Intermodal met in Fair Work Australia on Monday of this week for conciliation in an attempt to resolve an outstanding dispute regarding the crediting of hours for blank days on a […] Read More »

Potential exposure to contaminants in tunnels

Feb 24, 2011News

The RTBU is working with rail operators to ensure train crews are adequately protected from potential exposure to dangerous contaminants, including diesel fumes in the case a train breaks down in a tunnel. Crew is […] Read More »

Fight for PN Coal NSW allowances

Feb 24, 2011Uncategorized

The RTBU Loco Division is preparing to take PN Coal NSW to Fair Work Australia to defend PN coal drivers’ right to the correct Aggregate Allowance package. During negotiations for the PN Coal EA which […] Read More »

DOOs and Don’ts

Feb 24, 2011Uncategorized

PN Intermodal drivers based at Junee in southern NSW are deeply concerned about PN’s plans to introduce Driver Only Operation (DOO) out of the depot. Last year, PN flagged closing the depot entirely, then backtracked […] Read More »