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The myriad of PN issues and dispute – get the low down

Nov 21, 2014News

On the surface, Pacific National may look as though it is ‘one PN’. But dig a little and the image becomes a little murky – particularly when it comes to enterprise agreements. Read More »

PN auto layback issue

Auto laybacks at Pacific National have been causing problems for members for quite some time, and the union is still battling to resolve it. Read More »

RTBU mourns PN driver

Aug 27, 2013News

On the morning of Sunday August 18 PN driver Andrew Ayre got on his pushbike and headed out for a ride. Now, just over a week later, it’s with mixed emotions that his best mate, […] Read More »

Asciano boasts huge profit, tries to shortchange workers

Aug 23, 2012News

Pacific National parent company, Asciano, has posted a huge jump in earnings, with full-year results showing an almost 43 per cent increase in net profit. Revenue for the company’s rail division rose 14.6 per cent […] Read More »

New digs for PN at Chullora

Aug 1, 2012Uncategorized

Staff and crew at the PN Intermodal office at Chullora are delighted that they can finally see some progress in the construction of their long-promised new office.   Due to be opened in November the […] Read More »

Pacific National Bulk EA update and briefing sessions

Jun 14, 2012News

The Pacific National Bulk negotiating team are in the midst of regular meetings with the company on a new Enterprise Agreement. Freight Organiser Kevin Pryor said the negotiations, while often tense, are going pretty much […] Read More »

EBA process grinds to halt as PN Coal reneges on agreement

Mar 16, 2012Uncategorized

The RTBU has suspended all EBA negotiations with all business groups at Pacific National after PN Coal backtracked from the previous agreement of a common expiry date for a three-year agreement. At odds with the […] Read More »

PN drags its feet on EA negotiations

Mar 12, 2012Uncategorized

The RTBU is currently negotiating with four divisions of Pacific National – operational, intermodal train crew, coal and bulk – as the current EAs expire on June 30, 2012. The negotiations have been going on […] Read More »

Clyde fuelling point finally gets an upgrade

Dec 16, 2011Uncategorized

Due to limited access and safety concerns about an elevated walkway at Clyde fuelling point, earlier this year members requested that the RTBU conduct an OH&S evaluation. The inspection identified a number of safety concerns […] Read More »

Westons workers protected from hazardous dust

Dec 16, 2011Uncategorized

The RTBU Loco Division has worked closely with management at Weston’s mill at Enfield to limit dangerous exposure to dust in the workplace. After member complaints regarding their exposure to dust at the site, a […] Read More »