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PN cab fumes under investigation

Jan 20, 2016News

Locomotive fumes, sanding particles and other materials are still finding their way into Pacific National cabs. The problem is being caused by poor sealing around windows and doors and is especially bad on the 92 […] Read More »

PN’s move to hire casuals

Oct 13, 2015News

Pacific National has started a process of employing a casual workforce in the Newcastle and Gunnedah Basin region, without any consultation with the union. The company sent a communication out to members in the region […] Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

Jul 10, 2015Secretary's run-down

It seems as though the current Premier isn’t all that fussed about commuter safety. Just last week he and the Transport Minister, Andrew Constance, were out and about spruiking their plans for the driverless Sydney Metro. Read More »

What does Pacific National have to hide?

Jul 9, 2015News

As many of our Pacific National members would know, we have serious concerns about the labour rationalisation process at Cootamundra, Parkes and IBT depots. Read More »

PN redundancy process lacks transparency

Jun 26, 2015Uncategorized

Pacific National has continued to make members redundant involuntarily, forcing the RTBU to lodge a formal dispute with the company. Read More »

PN stands down workers

Mar 6, 2015News

Pacific National is attempting to stand down coal and bulk employees without pay while pre-planned track work is undertaken. Read More »

The myriad of PN issues and dispute – get the low down

Nov 21, 2014News

On the surface, Pacific National may look as though it is ‘one PN’. But dig a little and the image becomes a little murky – particularly when it comes to enterprise agreements. Read More »

PN auto layback issue

Auto laybacks at Pacific National have been causing problems for members for quite some time, and the union is still battling to resolve it. Read More »

RTBU mourns PN driver

Aug 27, 2013News

On the morning of Sunday August 18 PN driver Andrew Ayre got on his pushbike and headed out for a ride. Now, just over a week later, it’s with mixed emotions that his best mate, […] Read More »

Asciano boasts huge profit, tries to shortchange workers

Aug 23, 2012News

Pacific National parent company, Asciano, has posted a huge jump in earnings, with full-year results showing an almost 43 per cent increase in net profit. Revenue for the company’s rail division rose 14.6 per cent […] Read More »