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Fair Work Sets Date for PN EA’s Scope Coverage Hearing

Aug 28, 2016News

Last Friday in a directions meeting with the Fair Work Commission, Pacific National and the RTBU failed to reach consensus on the two Scope Order applications that were before the commission. Pacific National had been […] Read More »

PN Newsflash: Signing off and on at barracks

Jul 26, 2016News

To: PN intermodal members Re: Signing off and on at barracks (rest location). Members would be aware that the PN Intermodal EA provides for sign off and on to occur at the Barracks / Resting […] Read More »

Pacific National – Operations Centre Bulletin

Apr 5, 2016News

The RTBU has been examining all scenarios to ensure members’ concerns about the establishment of the PN National Operations Centres are addressed and their conditions of employment are enforced. It would appear from our legal […] Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

Bob Hayden, Divisional Secretary

Among all the bad news at Pacific National Coal, we’ve recently been given a very welcomed, albeit small, dose of good news. The company has announced that it won’t be going ahead with its planned […] Read More »

PN trying to keep NSW Loco in dark over VIC EA talks

Apr 1, 2016News

Pacific National R&B recently sent out a notice to indicate that it is ready to start negotiations for a new PN Vic enterprise agreement – but it seems the company is determined to keep the […] Read More »

What rubbish…

Apr 1, 2016News

In bizarre scenes, employees at Sydney PN Depot  were recently threatened with dismissal because two rubbish dumpsters were filled to overflowing over the Easter break. Adding to the ridiculous nature of the threats was that the […] Read More »

PN cab fumes under investigation

Jan 20, 2016News

Locomotive fumes, sanding particles and other materials are still finding their way into Pacific National cabs. The problem is being caused by poor sealing around windows and doors and is especially bad on the 92 […] Read More »

PN’s move to hire casuals

Oct 13, 2015News

Pacific National has started a process of employing a casual workforce in the Newcastle and Gunnedah Basin region, without any consultation with the union. The company sent a communication out to members in the region […] Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

Jul 10, 2015Secretary's run-down

It seems as though the current Premier isn’t all that fussed about commuter safety. Just last week he and the Transport Minister, Andrew Constance, were out and about spruiking their plans for the driverless Sydney Metro. Read More »

What does Pacific National have to hide?

Jul 9, 2015News

As many of our Pacific National members would know, we have serious concerns about the labour rationalisation process at Cootamundra, Parkes and IBT depots. Read More »