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PN dispute – stay updated

The RTBU has launched ‘Fair Go for Pacific National Workers’ – a campaign website specifically for the current PN dispute. Read More »

Miners threat of legal action an attack on workers rights

Jan 29, 2013News

In an unprecedented attack on the rights of workers, two mining companies have threatened legal action against the RTBU over the potential Pacific National Coal protected industrial action. Read More »

PN Coal members vote in favour of action

Jan 18, 2013News

Members at PN Coal today voted overwhelming in favour of taking protected industrial action, following the company’s refusal to negotiate a fair and reasonable Agreement. Read More »

PN bullying campaign

Jan 16, 2013News

PN Coal members recently received a letter from the company, threatening to slowly drop its wage offer if members don’t agree with the company’s EA deal. Read More »

Unions reject claims industrial action timing is contrived

Jan 8, 2013News

The RTBU has flatly rejected claims that it has timed its PN industrial action vote to avoid the scrutiny of the Federal election. Read More »

PN coal members say ‘no’ to company EA

Dec 18, 2012News

Members at Pacific National Coal have voted overwhelming against the company’s enterprise agreement. Read More »

PN Coal workers face industrial action vote

Dec 4, 2012News

Fair Work Australia has ruled in favour of the Loco Division’s application for a protected industrial action ballot following a breakdown in negotiations with Pacific National over a new Coal EBA. Read More »

EBA process grinds to halt as PN Coal reneges on agreement

Mar 16, 2012Update

The RTBU has suspended all EBA negotiations with all business groups at Pacific National after PN Coal backtracked from the previous agreement of a common expiry date for a three-year agreement. At odds with the […] Read More »

Constructive negotiations end the PN stand-down dispute

Mar 15, 2012Update

The RTBU has reached an agreement with PN Coal regarding the interpretation of the stand-down clause of the EA.   The union recently disputed the way stand-down notices were delivered recently at Port Kembla and […] Read More »

CF 44 locomotives a pain in the neck for PN Coal drivers

Mar 6, 2012Update

The CF 44 Class locomotives continue to create issues for our members within Pacific National. These locomotives have been built to CFCLA’s specifications by United Goninan to the same template as the Xstrata XRN locomotives […] Read More »

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