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PN NSW Bulk EA: Fake Negotiations

Mar 18, 2017News

Your negotiation team met with PN management again on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 March. We had anticipated the actual negotiations would start this round of meetings after both sides had put their Part A […] Read More »

PN Bulk Rail EA gets the nod

Jul 4, 2013News

The Pacific National Bulk Rail EA for 2013 has now officially been approved, with members voting overwhelmingly in favour of the agreement. Read More »

PN Intermodal and Bulk EAs nearing voting

May 21, 2013News

The Pacific National Intermodal and Bulk enterprise agreements are in the final stages, with the union negotiating committee currently doing a final review of the documents. Read More »

PN Bulk refuse consent arbitration for Werris Creek dispute

May 14, 2013News

Pacific National Bulk management have refused to agree to arbitration in an attempt to reach agreement on the application of a clause in the current enterprise agreement relating to the progression of train crew from […] Read More »

PN Bulk EA tour begins

Feb 18, 2013News

Briefing sessions to discuss the Pacific National Bulk enterprise agreement, which is currently being negotiated, will begin this week. Read More »

Freight Update

Dec 5, 2011Update

2009 EA Back Pay: After many months of correspondence, the RTBU Locomotive division has finally been able to achieve back pay for two members who transferred from PN Coal to PN Bulk during the 12 […] Read More »

PN Coal Drivers Aggregate case unsuccessful

Aug 29, 2011Update

Members will be aware that the Division was involved in a case against PN Coal for the non-payment of a provision of their EA in relation to the correct interpretation / payment of the 9.5% […] Read More »

Bulk membership on the rise

Aug 8, 2011Update

Union membership in PN Bulk is increasing, particularly for fixed-term employees who have often expressed fears that union membership may be used against them. This is good timing because EA negotiations will commence later this […] Read More »

Union win on permanent jobs

Aug 8, 2011Update

As a result of ongoing negotiations with the union, PN Bulk has agreed to start the process of converting all fixed-term employees to permanent full-time. They have also acknowledged that fixed-term contracts were only supposed […] Read More »

PN Bulk offers to pay fuel incentive money

Aug 2, 2011Update

After initial advice from PN Bulk that it was not able to calculate the information to identify if fuel savings had been achieved and therefore could not pay the 1% base rate increase to employees […] Read More »

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