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PN redundancy – members condemn company; company response

Feb 5, 2016News

The RTBU recently wrote to Pacific National to raise some suggestions about the handling of the company’s current wave of redundancies.  The RTBU has some serious concerns about the company’s processes to date, including the […] Read More »

More redundancies at PN

Jan 29, 2016News

After Pacific National’s recent announcement that it is cutting 46 driver roles at Port Waratah, the company this week announced a further 10 jobs are to go. The additional 10 jobs are driver trainer roles […] Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

Jan 22, 2016Secretary's run-down
Bob Hayden, Divisional Secretary

It’s been a tough start to 2016 for many Loco Division members. Pacific National has recently moved to axe 46 Port Waratah train crew jobs. The cuts will involve both voluntary and forced redundancies and […] Read More »

PN cab fumes under investigation

Jan 20, 2016News

Locomotive fumes, sanding particles and other materials are still finding their way into Pacific National cabs. The problem is being caused by poor sealing around windows and doors and is especially bad on the 92 […] Read More »

Voluntary redundancies at PN’s Hunter depot

Jan 20, 2016News

As many of you would already know, Pacific National is seeking 46 voluntary redundancies at its Hunter Valley depot in NSW. The Loco Division is keeping a close eye on this process to ensure that […] Read More »

PN insists on forcing people to work out of depot after 8 hours

Dec 4, 2015News

After two years of discontent over Pacific National trying to force people to work out of their depot after eight hours, the Loco Division thought the matter had been sorted when Pacific National put out […] Read More »

Fatigue risk for PN drivers

Nov 23, 2015News

The Loco Division is very concerned about reports of members being forced to drive  from Gunnedah back to Werris Creek after driving their train for more than 10 hours. This situation has come about as a result […] Read More »

Boggabri viaduct update

Nov 23, 2015News

The RTBU was forced to refer the Boggabri viaduct to the regulator and Safe Work NSW after concerns were raised about the lack of emergency and safety systems in place on the section of track. […] Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

Nov 20, 2015Secretary's run-down
Bob Hayden, Divisional Secretary

NSW sweltered in 40+ degree heat today, which as we all know can have a significant impact on our transport systems and workers. As this brutal reminder that summer is here hit us today, I’d […] Read More »

PN doesn’t let facts get in the way of the story

Nov 10, 2015News

Pacific National certainly didn’t let the facts get in the way of the story when it sent a message out on Saturday morning blaming the Loco Division for the company’s decision to withdraw in-principle agreement […] Read More »