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PN Coal pay correction…finally

May 25, 2016News

Months after it was first raised by the Loco Division, Pacific National Coal management has finally agreed to increase the meal allowances and temporary transfer payments as per the enterprise agreement. The company has confirmed […] Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

Apr 15, 2016Secretary's run-down
Bob Hayden, Divisional Secretary

We can expect to be drug tested much more often from the end of April, with Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator recently announcing it is now beginning random testing of Rail Safety Workers […] Read More »

PN Coal Unit – Significant variability in demand and decision making

Apr 15, 2016News

Pacific National is all over the place at the moment – and workers are suffering as a result. As previously reported in Loco Express, the company recently announced intention to cut 46 jobs from the […] Read More »

Pacific National EA negotiations set to be tough

Apr 15, 2016News

With new owners set to take over Pacific National, negotiations for the new enterprise agreement are going to be particularly tough. The planning and discussion process is already underway, and it’s clear that management wants […] Read More »

PN disputes and events

Apr 12, 2016News

Click here to see some quick updates on some of the current disputes and events relating to Pacific National members, including shift manager reclassification; train coordinator and integrates live run coordinator changes and an NOC/IPS […] Read More »

PN voluntary redundancies and company lies

Apr 6, 2016News

In what has come to a complete shock to the union and employees, Pacific National Intermodal has just announced it is calling for voluntary redundancies. A memo was sent to workers on Tuesday evening outlining […] Read More »

Pacific National – Operations Centre Bulletin

Apr 5, 2016News

The RTBU has been examining all scenarios to ensure members’ concerns about the establishment of the PN National Operations Centres are addressed and their conditions of employment are enforced. It would appear from our legal […] Read More »

PN trying to keep NSW Loco in dark over VIC EA talks

Apr 1, 2016News

Pacific National R&B recently sent out a notice to indicate that it is ready to start negotiations for a new PN Vic enterprise agreement – but it seems the company is determined to keep the […] Read More »

PN Coal – Slight Reprieve

Apr 1, 2016Uncategorized

In significant news for Pacific National Coal members, management this week advised they will not proceed with any forced retrenchments. The decision comes after stronger than expected volumes for the last couple months and forecasts […] Read More »

PN Enterprise Agreement negotiations to start soon

Apr 1, 2016Uncategorized

The enterprise agreement silly session is about to kick off (although some would say it just continuing) with arrangements being made for preliminary Pacific National Enterprise Agreement discussions to commence. While Pacific National Coal, Bulk […] Read More »

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