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East Hills track hazard

Sep 27, 2011Update

Due to the continued duplication works on the East Hills line, the tracks will be slewed at Salt Pan Creek from the original configuration across to the newly constructed bridge. This will involve almost a […] Read More »

ATP acceptance trials complete

Sep 27, 2011Update

DMI screen acceptance trials for the Waratah have now been completed. The aim of the trials was to make sure the screen was located in the correct position and that the information contained on the […] Read More »

DANGER: take action

Sep 23, 2011Update

Federal and state transport ministers will meet to consider new rail safety legislation in early November. The new legislation proposes to abolish current fatigue provisions and replace them with unproven standards, which will inevitably lead […] Read More »

Cost-cutting on the Sydney to Melbourne line

Aug 30, 2011Update

The ABC’s PM with Mark Colvin aired a report on the announcement of the inquiry into the southern rail line last Friday (Aug 26). It featured interviews with the RTBU National Secretary Bob Nanva and […] Read More »

The southern rail line — a tragedy waiting to happen

Jul 29, 2011Update

Divisional Secretary Robert Hayden has written to the Federal Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese calling on him to instigate a genuinely independent enquiry to investigate the current resleepering practices before a tragedy happens. Despite the more […] Read More »

Relief for loco drivers

Jul 19, 2011Update

After pressure from the union PN Bulk has agreed to provide in the next few weeks a forward plan for the upgrading of locomotive toilets. In the meantime PN Bulk have also advised that employees […] Read More »

National Rail Safety Law information forums: register now

Jul 12, 2011Update

The proposed new National Rail Safety Law may have a big impact on your hours of work and working time arrangements, particularly around fatigue rostering issues, currently contained in the RTBU’s Industrial Agreements and the […] Read More »

PN to clean up toilet mess

Jun 29, 2011Update

PN Bulk has responded to pressure from the RTBU over the disgraceful state of cab toilets and will implement a plan to clean and upgrade them. Until toilet facilities can be upgraded, PN Bulk will […] Read More »

Toilet disgrace

Jun 27, 2011Update

During his recent tour of regional NSW Bob Hayden highlighted some troubling issues for drivers. The awful state of PN locomotive toilets was of concern, particularly for women drivers, more so in regional areas with […] Read More »

RailCorp’s shoddy handling of Springwood fatality

Jun 21, 2011Update

The response by RailCorp to a recent fatality at Springwood Station is an example of poor communication and potential negligence of their employer responsibilities. A man who was last seen waiting for a train on […] Read More »

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