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Work-hour and rest-break protections to be scrapped under new laws

Mar 1, 2012Update

**This story has been updated here The draft Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) covering hours of work and rest in the new Rail Safety National Law delivers a hammer blow to the safety and work-life balance […] Read More »

Clyde fuelling point finally gets an upgrade

Dec 16, 2011Update

Due to limited access and safety concerns about an elevated walkway at Clyde fuelling point, earlier this year members requested that the RTBU conduct an OH&S evaluation. The inspection identified a number of safety concerns […] Read More »

Westons workers protected from hazardous dust

Dec 16, 2011Update

The RTBU Loco Division has worked closely with management at Weston’s mill at Enfield to limit dangerous exposure to dust in the workplace. After member complaints regarding their exposure to dust at the site, a […] Read More »

Waratah Sets 5 & 6 on their way

Dec 14, 2011Update

Waratah Sets 3 and 4 are now operational on a rotation basis for limited passenger runs. Set 5 and Set 6 have been handed over to RailCorp for their PC testing and it is proposed […] Read More »

Hornsby access trial gets go-ahead

Dec 5, 2011Update

Train crew have had trouble accessing the trains at stabling yards over many years. After investigations by the RTBU, Rolling Stock Design (RSD) was approached to find a solution that would not interfere with the […] Read More »

Transport Minister gets the message on rail safety, but there’s more to be done

Nov 29, 2011Update

Thanks all the members who took the time to send a message to the State Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian voicing their concerns about the watering down of existing NSW fatigue protections under the proposed National […] Read More »

RailCorp ‘no whistle’ policy stalls

Nov 19, 2011Update

RailCorp’s plans to reduce the use of train whistles in tunnels have stalled as a result of concerns raised by the RTBU on the four proposed “whistle / no whistle” signs offered by RailCorp. Describing […] Read More »

Promising results for upgraded XPT lights

Nov 19, 2011Update

As part of the review of the standardisation, refurbishment and risk assessment of the XPT Power Cars, the RTBU driver representatives have questioned the adequacy and safety of the current headlight system. The headlight lenses […] Read More »

National OH&S laws update

Nov 19, 2011Update

Members are advised that work on the draft model National Work Health and Safety Regulations, codes of practice is nearing completion. Due to the time constraints for implementation of the new legislation, the proposed timelines […] Read More »

Cleanliness on the slide at RailCorp

Nov 9, 2011Update

Driver complaints about cleaning standards are on the rise as RailCorp continues its cleaning reform agenda. Cleanliness of cabs, meal rooms and standby facilities is a workplace health and safety issue. Drivers should report all […] Read More »

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