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All the latest from our comrades in NZ

Aug 10, 2017News

Check out the August issue of RTMU’s The Activist to keep up with all the latest news from our Kiwi colleagues! It’s a bumper edition with updates on everything from South Island Port Bargaining to […] Read More »

Alt-unionism and the latest from NZ: The Transport Worker

Jun 22, 2017News

Another great issue of the RMTU publication The Transport Worker is now out! Download your copy to read about all the latest from our comrades in New Zealand. There’s also an interesting article explaining ‘Alt-unionism’ […] Read More »

Catch up on the latest from NZ

May 8, 2017Update

Find out all the latest from NZ including International Workers Memorial day ceremonies across the country, the unveiling of the Tangiwai memorial, an update on “insourcing” in Auckland and more! Check out the latest activist […] Read More »

Latest RMTU Activist now out!

May 3, 2017News

The latest edition of the RMTU’s famous The Activist newsletter is now out! Check it out. Read More »

NZ train drivers condemn KiwiRail’s return to “dirty diesel”

Dec 22, 2016News

New Zealand’s train drivers are condemning KiwiRail’s plans to replace the current electric locomotive fleet on the North Island Main Trunk Line with Chinese-made and diesel-powered locomotives. Rail and Maritime Transport Union (RMTU) General Secretary Wayne Butson told the media that diesel-powered […] Read More »

All the latest from New Zealand

Dec 14, 2016News

It’s always good to learn from the experiences of transport workers in different countries and show solidarity. You can catch up on all the latest from our comrades in New Zealand by reading the December issue […] Read More »

What’s the go in NZ?

Jun 22, 2015News

The latest edition of RMTU Activist – the newsletter of the New Zealand Rail and Maritime Transport Union – is now available online. Check out all the latest here. Read More »

NZ Rail and Maritime Transport Union takes KiwiRail to court over working conditions

Jun 3, 2015News

After a Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment investigation found that Chinese engineers working on KiwiRail’s imported locomotives at the Hutt Workshops were probably not covered under New Zealand employment law, the New Zealand Rail […] Read More »

The latest from NZ

Apr 20, 2015News

Want to hear about what our New Zealand comrades are up to? The latest edition of The Activist – the NZ Rail & Maritime Transport Union’s newsletter – is now online. Read More »

KiwiRail can’t outsource responsibility

Apr 20, 2015News

Our New Zealand counterparts have called on the NZ Government to guarantee that Chinese engineers working on KiwiRail’s locomotives are at least receiving the minimum wage. Read More »

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