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Rail Entities provides final offer

Aug 14, 2014News

Rail Entities has announced that it has provided its final offer and that company representatives will commence paid staff briefings on Monday 18 August. Read More »

My Time and Pay Update

Aug 1, 2014News

A reminder that as of Sunday 27 July, all Sydney and NSW Trains employees are required to swipe on and off duty. Read More »

Timesheet disputes, NSW Trains

Aug 1, 2014News

The RTBU has been called upon to deal with two disputes in NSW Trains regional operations recently – both of which have ended well for members. Read More »

Rail Entities – workplace meetings to kick off

Jun 26, 2014News

Delegates from across the state attended a mass meeting recently to hear the latest on the Rail Entities negotiations. Read More »

Data logger dispute

Jun 20, 2014News

The RTBU Locomotive Division recently attended a meeting with NSW Trains in relation to a dispute that was lodged regarding what the RTBU deemed to be incorrect auditing of the Data Logger records. Read More »

Train drivers billed for unnecessary drug screenings

Jan 16, 2014News

The RTBU has demanded answers after train drivers were billed for unnecessary and invasive drug screenings at Western Plains Medical Centre. Two NSW Trains members based in Dubbo have told their local Locomotive Division Delegate […] Read More »

Staff car parking – update

Dec 13, 2013News

Following Sydney/NSW Trains announcement that it would review the number of staff car parks at stations, the Loco Division has been working with members at impacted stations to ensure any car park changes do not […] Read More »

Staff car parking to go

Dec 2, 2013News

Sydney/NSW Trains and Transport for NSW have recently conducted a review of staff car parks. Read More »

Rail Entities Log of claims

Nov 28, 2013News

A resolution will be put to Rail Entities members for endorsement at upcoming mass meetings. Read More »

NSW Trains uniform consultation collapses

Nov 8, 2013News

A trial of the new NSW Trains uniforms has just been completed, following several months of consultation over the issue.   Read More »

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