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71 people faced with uncertainty as Newcastle train call centre closes

Mar 18, 2017News

— Media Release — The Rail Tram and Bus Union of NSW is condemning the decision of the NSW Liberal Government for the closure of Newcastle based NSW Trains call centre where 71 people are […] Read More »

ATP Testing, Gosford to Wyong

Feb 22, 2017News

The RTBULD are continuing to be consulted and involved in the ATP Project as it moves forward with testing, trialling and the fitment of hardware. During March 2017 to June 2017 testing will be conducted […] Read More »

Management changes at NSW Trains

Feb 16, 2017News

Rob Mason will be stepping down from the role of NSW TrainLink Chief Executive. Sydney Trains’ Howard Collins will take on the additional role of Acting Chief Executive for NSW Trainlink. Pete Allaway, the Executive […] Read More »

Travelodge update

Feb 11, 2017News

Previously on Loco Express we reported the removal of the kitchen and recreation room by Travelodge management. Since then, NSW Trains have been investigating other hotels that provide cooking facilities however, the costs have proven prohibitive. […] Read More »

The latest on the XPT kettle situation

Feb 11, 2017News

NSW Trains removed the kettles from XPT locomotives late last year following the discovery of fibreglass particles in the bottom of some kettles. This contamination was caused by the kettle spout rubbing against the adjacent […] Read More »

NSW Trains uniform: shorts update

Nov 18, 2016News

NSW Trains has finally agreed to provide shorts as part of the standard uniform but not until February 2017. In the meantime, the company will source 200 pairs which will be distributed on a first come first […] Read More »

Update: NSW Trains time credit dispute

Oct 26, 2016News

Last week we reported that NSW Trains failed to pay time credits to numerous drivers during a shutdown period. We have since received positive feedback from management, who have informed us that they acknowledge the need […] Read More »

RTBU pursuing Critical Incident Response for NSW Trains

Oct 26, 2016News

Following the successful implementation of the Critical Incident Response at Sydney Trains, the RTBU has been proactively pursuing a similar arrangement to be implemented at NSW Trains. NSW Trains have conducted various forms of trauma […] Read More »

NSW Trains to use new pay system from January

Oct 26, 2016News

An initial meeting has been convened to begin consultation regarding the integration of HR, payroll, procurement and finance so that this comes from one place instead of across multiple systems and processes. Transport Equip is the Enterprise Resource […] Read More »

NSW Trains drivers left with pay shortfall

Oct 21, 2016News

The RTBU Loco Division has recently been made aware that NSW Trains failed to pay time credits to numerous drivers during a shutdown period. This left dozens of drivers with shortfalls in their pay packets. We’ve been told […] Read More »