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Female rail workers lodge sex discrimination claim

Sep 30, 2013News

Female rail workers in NSW have lodged a sexual discrimination case against the NSW Government over the out-dated, invasive and discriminatory practice of forced urine based testing. Read More »

Secret document dispute Minister’s single-deck claims

Sep 23, 2013News

The NSW Government’s claims that running single-deck trains through Sydney would allow more people to travel on the trains, has been disputed by a secret internal report. Read More »

S Set here to stay

Jul 16, 2013News

The government has refused to retire S Sets trains, despite commuter complaints about the lack of air-conditioning on the trains. Read More »

Transport staff among most insecure

Jul 15, 2013News

A large number of NSW public transport staff feel insecure in their jobs, a confidential Public Service Commission survey of workers has found. Read More »

Petition to reverse NW small tunnel decision

Jul 15, 2013News

Transport activist group Eco Transit has launched a petition calling on the O’Farrell Government to reverse its North West Rail Link small tunnel decision. Read More »

New Sydney and NSW Trains management

Jul 2, 2013News

The new business groups of RailCorp – NSW and Sydney Trains – have commenced operations as of July 1, 2013. Read More »

Workers Compensation Report – One Year On

Jun 20, 2013News

This week, to mark a year since Barry O’Farrell made significant changes to workers compensation laws, Unions NSW released the results of their online survey. Read More »

Fair go for Workers Comp Day – 19 June

Jun 11, 2013News

The first anniversary of the O’Farrell Government stripping away workers compensation rights and entitlements is coming up on the 19th of June. Read More »

Government super announcement concern for RailCorp workers

May 3, 2013News

The O’Farrell Government has revealed it may pressure RailCorp staff to pay for the compulsory superannuation increases out of their own pockets. Read More »

WestConnex: the solution we need or disaster in the making?

Mar 27, 2013News

Chairman of Infrastructure NSW, Nick Greiner’s grand plan for NSW transport is the WestConnex – a 33km highway in Sydney’s west. Read More »

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