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New suburban trains on their way but NSW budget lacks new transport commitments

Jun 22, 2017News

The NSW Budget confirms the Government will spend $658 million this year on the 24 new suburban trains they announced last June, with the first trains arriving late next year and their delivery to be […] Read More »

NSW Govt spends $45,000 on workout session for Sydney commuters

Apr 18, 2017News

TV fitness gurus Steve “Commando” Willis and Michelle Bridges were paid a big fat $12,000 from taxpayer funds to run a 60-minute outdoor workout session designed by the state government to try to persuade Sydney […] Read More »

Planners ordered to ignore rail, build roads

Apr 10, 2017News

The NSW government has been instructing transport officials to ignore public transport alternatives to motorway projects, according to internal documents obtained by Fairfax Media. Read the full article here. Read More »

MP calls for XPT fleet to be built in the Hunter

Apr 5, 2017News

Tim Crakanthorp MP has called on the NSW Government to build the replacement XPT train fleet in the Hunter. He also notes that the Hunter has two train manufacturers and that the NSW Government recently awarded […] Read More »

Kangy Angy before and after the rain

Mar 22, 2017News

Kangy Angy might look like an ok spot to build the New Intercity Fleet (NIF) maintenance centre on a good day: But here’s how it looked after recent heavy rain: This is not a one-off […] Read More »

Constance admits it: the NSW government wants to totally privatise public transport

Mar 21, 2017News

We’ve long accused the NSW Government of a hidden privatisation agenda – and now Transport and Infrastructure Minister Andrew Constance has openly admitted that he wants to see our trains and buses totally privatised. Mr […] Read More »

Bankstown line to close for up to six months

Feb 17, 2017News

The Bankstown train line in Sydney’s west will be closed for between three and six months to allow it to be converted to carry single-deck metro carriages, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. Read more. Read More »

Saturday train passenger numbers drop

Jan 8, 2017News

The NSW Government’s recent overhaul of Opal fares has led to a dramatic decline in Saturday passenger numbers on all forms of public transport in Sydney – and trains were the worst affected. According to […] Read More »

Fear of complaints keeps TFNSW silent

Nov 28, 2016News

Transport for NSW has refused to release draft timelines for the new North West Metro rail line, worried it might cause complaints. An ABC journalist submitted an information access request for the documents in order to find […] Read More »

Western Sydney desperately needs heavy rail

Oct 19, 2016News

According to news reports today, a whopping 75 per cent of western Sydney residents don’t live within walking distance of a train station. That’s around 1.3 million residents. The numbers highlight the huge need for more rail […] Read More »