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Safety concerns over state government plan to dump train guards on Newcastle to Sydney line

May 13, 2017News

A train guard has spoken out about the Government’s unsafe plan to dump train guards on the Newcastle line. There’s a survey at the end of the article asking ‘Should all trains have guards on […] Read More »

RTBU New InterCity Fleet depot tour

May 9, 2017News

The RTBU will be conducting a tour of NSW Trains depots to discuss the Memorandum of Understanding that has recently been finalised with NSW Trains management.Details here. Read More »

Kangy Angy before and after the rain

Mar 22, 2017News

Kangy Angy might look like an ok spot to build the New Intercity Fleet (NIF) maintenance centre on a good day: But here’s how it looked after recent heavy rain: This is not a one-off […] Read More »

Cancel overseas train contract, says Trish Doyle MP

Mar 13, 2017News

Blue Mountains MP Trish Doyle is a great supporter of rail and a strong advocate for passenger safety. Now she’s calling for the international contract for South Korean consortium Hyundai Rotem to design, manufacture and test the […] Read More »

NIF update: Loco Division opposes DOO in its entirety

Mar 2, 2017News

Locomotive Division Passenger Vice President Dan Leece and Intercity Divisional Councillor Mick Bindley have been conducting a joint tour of NSW Trains’ inter-city depots with NSW Branch Secretary, Alex Claassens and a representative from the […] Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

There’s no denying that big rail and transport investments like the new intercity fleet are sorely needed in NSW. But the more we hear about the Government’s plans for the NIF the less we like […] Read More »

It’s true: NIF trains won’t fit the Blue Mountains line

Oct 7, 2016News

Recently Labor’s Trish Doyle MP called out the NSW Government for investing “$2.3 billion dollars worth of taxpayers money for trains that won’t fit our tracks”. Now it’s been confirmed that the NSW government will need to […] Read More »

Huge safety risk as hundreds of guards in the firing line

Sep 29, 2016News

The NSW Government’s plans to push through Driver Only Operation (DOO) on the new intercity fleet have been exposed in the media this week. The Sydney Morning Herald article, Train guards in firing line from NSW’s $2.3 billion intercity […] Read More »

Blue Mountains Trains Widths & Lengths

Sep 17, 2016News

Trish Doyle MP explains what’s wrong with the width and length of the NSW Government’s new interurban fleet (NIF) trains for the Blue Mountains.   Read More »

Temporary halt to proposed Kangy Angy train maintenance facility

Sep 14, 2016News

The Federal Government will review the proposed $300 million train maintenance facility at Kangy Angy due to concerns about the impact on two critically endangered birds, the regent honeyeater and swift parrot. The facility is proposed to service the […] Read More »