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Newcastle ‘stop the privatisation’ rally: 1 December

Nov 24, 2015News

The NSW Government recently announced its plans to privatise Newcastle’s buses, ferries and light rail. Join the rally calling on the Premier to stop the sell off of our vital pubic transport services on 1 […] Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

Bob Hayden, Divisional Secretary

The discussions about Sydney Trains reform aren’t going away anytime soon. We’ve been in further discussions with the company recently, and you can see all the updates on that here on the website. We may […] Read More »

Newcastle rail rally today, 1pm

Sep 15, 2015News

The battle to protect the Newcastle Rail line is continuing, with the NSW Government introducing legislation into parliament that would allow it to continue its plans to rip up the line. Read More »

Government fighting Newcastle rail line ruling

Jul 15, 2015News

The Newcastle rail line saga is continuing, with the Government’s appeal against the recent Supreme Court ruling now set to be heard. Read More »

Newcastle retirement shindig

Apr 17, 2015News

The Newcastle Enginemans’ Social club in association with Newcastle CityRail Social club is holding a retirement dinner for the following drivers: Read More »

Last minutes taken at Newcastle station

Dec 17, 2014News

The last ever RTBU union meeting was held at Newcastle Station last week, ahead of the NSW Government’s closure of the track. Read More »

Help save Newcastle Rail

Nov 28, 2014News

Will you join the rally against the State Government’s move to rip up the Newcastle Rail line on December 14th? Read More »

Fair share of the jobs: good news out of Newcastle

Nov 7, 2014News

Some good news out of Newcastle – the long running dispute over the allocation of shed jobs at the Newcastle depot has been finally resolved. Read More »

What’s the rush? Nile joins calls for Newcastle line delay

Oct 3, 2014News

The chair of the committee looking into the government’s handling of the Newcastle rail line decision has added his voice to the call for the plans to be delayed. Read More »

Newcastle rail line protest in Maitland

Aug 4, 2014News

The RTBU Tram and Bus Division joined members and concerned residents in Maitland last week to call on the NSW Premier to reverse the State Government’s ridiculous decision to rip up valuable rail infrastructure that delivers passengers directly […] Read More »