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Worried about being pushed to work too many hours?

Oct 24, 2013News

Members at Sydney Trains have raised concerns about management requesting that drivers work above the legal maximum number of hours per shift. Read More »

Stay updated on the National Rail Safety legislation changes

Dec 17, 2012News

The changes to the National Rail Safety legislation come into effect on 20 January 2013. This is also the date the new Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator will begin operation. Read More »

First National Rail Safety Regulator appointed

Jun 26, 2012Update

Following the passage of the Rail Safety National Law through South Australian Parliament last month, the first National Rail Safety Regulator has been appointed. Rob Andrews has worked as a rail safety regulator in the […] Read More »

12 hour train driver shifts maintained in NSW

May 18, 2012News

NSW has retained its 12 hour shift limits for train drivers – a victory for drivers who stood up for workplace safety and common sense. Today’s meeting of state transport ministers rejected the National Transport […] Read More »

Deadly consequences of taking train drivers’ sleep

May 18, 2012News

By Bob Nanva Despite incredible advances in medical knowledge over the past century, our need to sleep largely remains a mystery. What we do know for certain, however, is that without it people die. A […] Read More »

Rail safety standards must be maintained

May 17, 2012News

The Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian has reaffirmed the NSW Government’s view that fatigue management and drug and alcohol testing requirements currently in force in NSW for train drivers must not be relaxed when the […] Read More »

Rail industry desperate to discredit union’s safety fears: have your say

Apr 30, 2012Update

The rail industry is resorting to outright lies in order to discredit the RTBU and its opposition to the proposed scrapping of the 12-hour shift cap as part of the new Rail Safety National Law. […] Read More »

Work-hour and rest-break protections to be scrapped under new laws

Mar 1, 2012Update

**This story has been updated here The draft Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) covering hours of work and rest in the new Rail Safety National Law delivers a hammer blow to the safety and work-life balance […] Read More »

Transport Minister gets the message on rail safety, but there’s more to be done

Nov 29, 2011Update

Thanks all the members who took the time to send a message to the State Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian voicing their concerns about the watering down of existing NSW fatigue protections under the proposed National […] Read More »

RTBU details flaws in the National Rail Safety Laws

Aug 21, 2011Update

The RTBU has submitted its response to the draft National Rail Safety Laws. Detailing its concerns about elements of the proposed laws to the National Safety Commission, the union argues that a number of reforms are […] Read More »

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