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OSCAR train prep changes

Jun 21, 2013News

The Loco Division has been reviewing changes to the OSCAR train preparation procedure. Read More »

PN Coal EA gets approval

Jun 20, 2013News

After a long campaign, the Pacific National Coal enterprise agreement will finally come into force next week. Read More »

Fatigue management within RailCorp

Jun 17, 2013News

Fatigue management and its application is a major concern for all Loco drivers. Read More »

El Zorro’s financial woes resurface

May 29, 2013News

El Zorro’s financial difficulties have surfaced again, with a NSW train leasing company recently making an application to wind up the rail operator. Read More »

Want to be on the Aurizon negotiating team?

May 21, 2013News

An initial meeting has been held with Aurizon management to discuss arrangements for commencing enterprise agreement negotiations – and now we’re looking for members wishing to lend a hand. Read More »

El Zorro super payments stalled

May 20, 2013News

The Loco Division is speaking to its legal representatives following El Zorro’s failure to pay superannuation entitlements to members. Read More »

Cook rest house legionnaires results

May 20, 2013National Union

Recently a ban had to be placed on showering at the Cook Rest House in South Australia after water samples from the area returned positive for elevated legionnaires bacteria. Read More »

Pacific National Bulk EA in final stages

Apr 26, 2013News

The final version of the Pacific National Bulk enterprise agreement is currently being reviewed in an effort to finalise the agreement before sending it out to members for voting. Read More »

International Day of Mourning

Apr 23, 2013News

The International Day of Mourning is coming up on Sunday 28th April – a time to remember workers whose lives have been list as a result of workplace incidents or disease. Read More »

Better safety for Granville workers and commuters

Apr 10, 2013News

The RTBU is calling on all members to get behind a push for better safety at Granville station’s train and bus interchange. Read More »

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