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Sydney Trains introduces ‘refresher’ course

Nov 7, 2014News

Sydney Trains is proposing to run a skills refresher course to assist drivers who are apparently as far as Sydney Trains is concerned, “struggling to meet the business standards”. Read More »

Fair share of the jobs: good news out of Newcastle

Nov 7, 2014News

Some good news out of Newcastle – the long running dispute over the allocation of shed jobs at the Newcastle depot has been finally resolved. Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

It’s all systems go in the Loco Division at the moment. Unfortunately we’re in the process of arranging protected industrial action ballots for a number of workplaces – Freightliner Coal, and the PN Intermodal Division […] Read More »

SSR wage freeze

Sep 25, 2014News

Southern Shorthaul Rail has made the decision to implement a wage freeze, without any proper consultation with the union or regard for the enterprise agreement it has signed with members. Read More »

Central getting shunted

Sep 2, 2014News

Following concerns about the high incidences of shunting on Platform 15 at Central, a meeting was held between the union and NSW Trains to discuss the issue. Read More »

Backpacks flying out the door

Sep 1, 2014News

Want to snag a Loco Division backpack? Get in quick! Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

Aug 22, 2014Secretary's run-down

Rail Entities representatives started their tour of worksites this week, holding paid staff meetings to discuss the current enterprise agreement offer. Read More »

UK union reps heading down under

Aug 15, 2014News

Representatives of the UK train drivers’ union, ASLEF, are coming to visit.  Read More »

Drivers fight for the right to stand in the rain

Aug 12, 2014News

Sydney Trains is proposing to change the windscreen rule (TWP 150) – a move the Loco Division says would unnecessarily put drivers and the travelling public at risk. Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

Aug 8, 2014News

It seems the NSW Government has picked a fight with the wrong town. Read More »

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