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SPAD reduction – don’t believe everything you read

Mar 6, 2015News

Despite what Sydney Trains has claimed in its bulletins, the Loco Division does not support its new SPAD reduction initiative. Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

Pacific National management has gone too far in its attempt to cut costs this time. The company has moved to stand down employees during track repairs which had been scheduled for months. Things are certainly […] Read More »

Micro management mania – few seconds late? Watch out

Feb 26, 2015News

Have you ever felt like you’re being micro-managed at work? You’re not alone. Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

Feb 20, 2015Secretary's run-down

There are a number of big events coming up over the next few weeks – not least is the ACTU-led rallies across the country on March 4th. The rallies are designed to show our politicians […] Read More »

Fancy a snag? Loco BBQ tour kicks off

Feb 18, 2015News

The Loco Division is about to kick off a very important BBQ tour of the state. Loco Division reps will be turning up at various locations with a BBQ and plenty of snags throughout March, […] Read More »

Meet the National Loco Executive

Dec 18, 2014National News

The National Locomotive Divisional Committee met in Sydney recently to discuss the year the was and also to develop a coordinated plan for the national Loco Divisions in 2015, including dealing with the introduction of […] Read More »

Life membership awarded to one of the legends of the tracks

Dec 17, 2014News

A well-known face among the NSW rail community, Bob Proctor, was awarded with the Loco Division’s highest honour recently – life membership. Read More »

Farewell and thanks to Ian Wyllie

Nov 28, 2014News

The Loco Division is farewelling Loco Division Assistant Secretary Ian Wyllie, who after just short of 28 years in the industry is heading off to enjoy retirement. Read More »

Global info sharing. You’d be surprised how small the world is.

Nov 26, 2014News

Unions right across the world share similar concerns and issues. Within the rail industry, the similarities between the challenges faced by our division and similar divisions interstate and overseas are even more closely aligned. Read More »

Drivers thank grandmother of the Indian Pacific

Nov 21, 2014Update

When the Indian Pacific headed off on its maiden voyage in 1970, Kathleen stood on the platform waving the Australian flag to her father who was making the special journey. It was the beginning of […] Read More »

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