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Freightliner’s first EBA a step closer

Mar 18, 2011News

Negotiations have continued with Freightliner Coal, for their first EA, with another day of negotiations occurring yesterday. Further progress was made with significant changes being agreed and the parties have now allocated Friday 25 March […] Read More »

PN Coal 9.5% allowance dispute

Mar 18, 2011News

As reported in an earlier Loco Express article, PN Coal had made an application for a hearing in FWA regarding the intent of the 9.5% Aggregate Allowance payments within the EA. The Division had our […] Read More »

PN Intermodal Meeting

Mar 18, 2011News

As a result of a number of EA interpretation issues, many involving local depot dispute notices, a meeting is being arranged with PN Intermodal to discuss the following issues: • Being rostered for an AVP […] Read More »

Freight members working in open weather

Mar 18, 2011News

A request was made from members concerning the exposure to the open weather and conditions when working for long periods of time without the provision of proper shelter, basic needs such as cold water specifically […] Read More »

Safety yards and terminals for freight operators

Mar 18, 2011News

Hazardous conditions in freight yards and terminals are an on-going issue. In the near future RTBU representatives including OHS Coordinator Keith McMahon will be identifying and inspecting yards and terminals across NSW. Next up is […] Read More »

PN Coal 9.5% aggregate allowance dispute: update

Mar 10, 2011News

The Division has been in dispute with PN Coal in regards to the payment of the 9.5% Aggregate Allowance as provided for in the EA. Last week and without any notice to the RTBU, PN […] Read More »

Freight: new ARG wheat run

Feb 24, 2011Update

In good news for jobs, operator ARG is finalising a new contract to run wheat from Temora to Inner Harbour and we have had initial discussions with the Company about negotiating an Agreement for their […] Read More »

Win for drivers at El Zorro

Feb 24, 2011Update

Drivers for freight operator El Zorro have overwhelmingly endorsed their new EBA, which delivers a pay rise and a boost to conditions. El Zorro drivers had slipped behind industry standards in some areas, including pay. […] Read More »

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