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Freight Update

Dec 5, 2011Update

2009 EA Back Pay: After many months of correspondence, the RTBU Locomotive division has finally been able to achieve back pay for two members who transferred from PN Coal to PN Bulk during the 12 […] Read More »

Freight drivers frozen out of digital radio process

Nov 15, 2011Update

Freight drivers are being left in the dark as the freight companies refuse to share information or consult with drivers about the transition to digital radio.  The existing analogue radio system, CountryNet, is due to […] Read More »

Mud still flying over state of Sydney to Melbourne line

Aug 4, 2011Update

The RTBU will support any member who reduces the speed of their train on the Sydney to Melbourne line due to safety concerns following a recent near miss on the line. V/Line have recently imposed […] Read More »

PN Bulk offers to pay fuel incentive money

Aug 2, 2011Update

After initial advice from PN Bulk that it was not able to calculate the information to identify if fuel savings had been achieved and therefore could not pay the 1% base rate increase to employees […] Read More »

Christmas in July for El Zorro drivers

Jul 8, 2011Update

Drivers for freight operator El Zorro will finally start receiving the thousands of dollars in backpay negotiated between the company and the RTBU as part of the EBA signed earlier this year. The payments are […] Read More »

PN to clean up toilet mess

Jun 29, 2011Update

PN Bulk has responded to pressure from the RTBU over the disgraceful state of cab toilets and will implement a plan to clean and upgrade them. Until toilet facilities can be upgraded, PN Bulk will […] Read More »

Super outcome at IRA

May 27, 2011Update

Drivers at freight operator Independent Railways of Australia overwhelmingly endorsed a new Enterprise Agreement this week that pushes employer-provided superannuation up to an industry-leading 14%. The three-year agreement also kisses goodbye to an arrangement where […] Read More »

Runaway train chaos at Enfield

May 6, 2011News

A runaway train caused mayhem on Sydney’s major freight line at Enfield on Tuesday when it crashed into several empty fuel wagons and derailed. The train, made up of 28 wagons and weighing in at […] Read More »

Air quality and safety concerns at Weston Milling

Apr 15, 2011News

RTBU members have raised their concern about safety procedures and poor air quality at the unloading site within Weston Milling at Enfield. A number of representatives from Weston Milling, both RTBU members and officials with Pacific […] Read More »

Industry standards get a boost at Freightliner

Apr 1, 2011Update

Freightliner drivers are set to become some of the highest-paid freight drivers in the state for a 38-hour week under a new agreement negotiated by the RTBU to be voted on next week. The agreement […] Read More »

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