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No detail in Federal Government’s rail funding pledge

May 25, 2017News

Is the Federal Government’s $10 billion “rail-building plan” just smoke and mirrors designed to make it look like they are “nation building” when in reality they aren’t? According to recent news reports the nation’s top infrastructure chief […] Read More »

Thought the Coalition managed the economy best? Think again

Jun 14, 2016National News

New research shows that the Abbott/Turnbull governments may not be the great economic managers they claim to be. Research by the Australia Institute, which looks at a broad range of economic measures, actually shows the […] Read More »

BUDGET 2015/16: Federal Govt has sights set on ARTC

May 14, 2015News

It was rumoured to be included in the Federal Budget, and it was – the Government is looking to privatise the ARTC. Read More »

Want to adopt a Senator?

Sep 10, 2014News

The immediate fate of our workplace rights rest in the hands of the eight cross-bench Senators in Federal Parliament. Read More »

Abbott Govt moves to cap redundancy payments

Sep 5, 2014News

The Federal Government is attempting to cap redundancy payments at 16 weeks, with the Industrial Relations Minister saying the current scheme is “overly generous” and creating a “moral hazard”. Read More »

Stop the attack on our rights at work

Sep 1, 2014News

Tony Abbott is trying to rush through laws that introduce new unfair individual contracts that cut take home pay, give more power to employers in bargaining and make it harder for workers to access their […] Read More »

Inland Rail – Tell us what you really think!

Jun 5, 2014Hot Topic

The Federal Government has established an Inland Rail Implementation Group to prepare 10-year plan for the construction of a new Inland Rail route between Melbourne and Brisbane. The Group is being chaired by former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson, and is scheduled to provide advice back to the Federal Government by the end of 2014.

What do you think the Federal Government needs to do to make Inland Rail a success Read More »

The Abbott Trap: Commuters Forced to Drive and Forced to Pay

May 14, 2014News

People in outer suburban areas will be forced onto roads they can’t afford to use, after the Abbott Government attacked commuters in the Federal Budget. Read More »

The Free Ride’s Over

Feb 12, 2014News

The Senate recently announced an inquiry into the productivity benefits of investing in public transport, to which the RTBU National office has provided a submission to titled ‘The Free Ride’s Over’. Read More »

Stand for Workers site launched

Dec 5, 2013News

Australian Unions has launched a new website and email campaign, calling on Federal MPs to stand up for workers and their families. Read More »

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