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Fatigue risk for PN drivers

Nov 23, 2015News

The Loco Division is very concerned about reports of members being forced to drive  from Gunnedah back to Werris Creek after driving their train for more than 10 hours. This situation has come about as a result […] Read More »

Worried about being pushed to work too many hours?

Oct 24, 2013News

Members at Sydney Trains have raised concerns about management requesting that drivers work above the legal maximum number of hours per shift. Read More »

Fatigue management within RailCorp

Jun 17, 2013News

Fatigue management and its application is a major concern for all Loco drivers. Read More »

Railcorp set to hit the charts

Aug 2, 2012News

We’ve seen the rise of UK teen pop group One Direction, Karise Eden from TV show the Voice has skyrocketed into the charts with her new album – now is Railcorp set to become the […] Read More »

12 hour train driver shifts maintained in NSW

May 18, 2012News

NSW has retained its 12 hour shift limits for train drivers – a victory for drivers who stood up for workplace safety and common sense. Today’s meeting of state transport ministers rejected the National Transport […] Read More »

Rail industry desperate to discredit union’s safety fears: have your say

Apr 30, 2012Update

The rail industry is resorting to outright lies in order to discredit the RTBU and its opposition to the proposed scrapping of the 12-hour shift cap as part of the new Rail Safety National Law. […] Read More »

Work-hour and rest-break protections to be scrapped under new laws

Mar 1, 2012Update

**This story has been updated here The draft Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) covering hours of work and rest in the new Rail Safety National Law delivers a hammer blow to the safety and work-life balance […] Read More »

Fatigue win: mandatory shift lengths for Queensland drivers

Feb 8, 2012News

Strenuous campaigning by the RTBU has delivered mandatory shift lengths for Queensland train drivers. The Queensland Government has announced the new measures – similar to those in place in NSW – to manage fatigue and […] Read More »

DANGER: take action

Sep 23, 2011Update

Federal and state transport ministers will meet to consider new rail safety legislation in early November. The new legislation proposes to abolish current fatigue provisions and replace them with unproven standards, which will inevitably lead […] Read More »

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